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Jaguar XJR-9

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I have been looking at the Exoto Jag's lately and it sparked my interest.

Does anyone know of any website or information with chassis history and other information on these car? Did it race in World Sports Car events and results etc.
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They will make it, limited to 504 pieces.
No, it's on "Diecast.org" under the upcoming releases.
though it says it will be with Gulf livery.
Only time will tell I guess.
and as for the Jag, I wouldn't mind that Standox Blue :)
:yahoo :happy :yahoo :happy :yahoo
Rsh_scuderia from DicastCentral said:
I heard that the Jag in Sil Cut Livery will cost me 140 Euro and will be released at the earliest moment after the summer
He said he heard it from an Exoto dealer.

The Standox is too tempting!!!! :pullhair
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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