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This review was written for Marteen quite some time ago (I think it can be ordered from modelissimo) but I decided to share it with you as I am going to try and contribute a lot more in 2005! (pictures at the end which aren't as good as I had no tripod)

The outside of the car is very well detailed. All the decals are applied very well and don't look like they will ever peel off. The front grille also has mirrors which go well with the cartoony liverie. However what makes this one of my favourite models is the huge amount of moving parts. The model has working front suspension and steering, but best of all is the rear axle which also has working suspension using 4 springs! Also the roof-flaps even lift up! These lift up when the car spins so it stays on the ground and won't do a spectacular blow-over. So the model gets full marks on exterior easily.

The inside of the car has all the detail Action could reproduce. The dials are well detailed and the beefy rollcage is very well made. The seat doesn't have flocking, it is just moulded plastic however the seatbelt does look good. I don't dare take the model apart but as there are no doors on NASCAR's you can't really get a good look at the interior. A few areas to improve upon.

The engine is nicely made with wires and a good chrome effect as well as a fan. The gearbox is a bit clumsy but the exhaust is rather authentic looking. In the boot you see the fuel tank with a cool transparent fuel pipe. A clumsy gearbox drops the score but it's still very respectable.

The model has awesome tires which are very rubbery not plasticy. There is even a barcode and serial number on each tire (see pictures below). The wheels are very good too, with briliantly painted wheel nuts and even the part on the wheel which you pump the tires up with. The box is the usual windowless affair with a polystyrene insert to hold the car and keep it safe during transit. Also it weighs a huge amount because even underneath is metal, so the postage is probally expensive? It reminds you that the car is limited edition of 2508 pieces with a shiny sticker on the box! So another perfect score for the car.

This is a fantastic model! You will not be diasapointed. It is a bargain for 22 euros, I brought mine for £15. But be aware the model looks comical with other 1:18's because of the size of these V8 behemoths. This probally means you will not put it with some of the other cars in your collection but mine did get lonely so I brought it a (rather inferior) Revell NASCAR companion for £12, here is another place you can buy it: But I sugest you don't.
I have some older Action NASCAR's which are 1:24 scale but these are not very good so avoid them, I don't have any other Action models.

Link to album (be sure to check out the Kyosho and GMP pictures too)

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Thanks Again, Very Lucky Boy

Your review really helped me in deciding if I should buy this car. (I did BTW)
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