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JGTC Skyline GTR #23 "Pit Work"

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This car rocks!! I love its livery.

Click on thumbnails pictures for high resolution picture in 640x480

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I'm always amazed to see the wheels on these cars.
Felix! Looks like it is your new addition?? O I missed smth?

Anyway the images are GREAT!!!! :coolpics :coolpics :coolpics
LUW: The wheels/slotted brake discs and calipers are definitely highlights on this model.

Pavel: I bought this car a couple weeks ago but didn't get a chance to photograph it until a few nights ago. I had been struggling with the lighting and image processing. Part of what I do after the image editting is to see how they look on 3 monitors (1 LCD and 2 CRTs). If they don't look good on BOTH CRTs, I go back to re-edit the pictures. It does take time but is worth the effort.

Thanks for the nice words guys! :cheers
amazing model and :coolpics
Congrats on your new addittion
Terrifac photos and awesome shots
GREAT SHOTS!!!!! i want to get the XANAVI car...but strangely enough...they cost more then standard AAs.... :(
Looks great Felix. The red/black/silver color combo works well. I may be looking at my first sealed model. :cheers
Great looking Nissan Felix. You have outdone yourself in clicking this one. How much penance will i have to do to be able to make my cars look as good as you can?
Guys: Thanks for all your kind words. I'm glad my pictures do justice to the fine work that Autoart did on this car.

MB: Is that the red/silver XANAVI or the blue one you're lookign for?

Winston: No penance needed. :lol And you actually don't need a fancy-schmancy digicam to take pics like that. My camera is a 3.2Mpix. But it does have manual control over the aperture and shutter speed etc. Having well-designed (but not necesarily expensive) lights is critical. Here are some of my tips on taking pictures and how I achieve that dark background.
:woohoo amazing :woohoo I bet your son likes this one :woohoo sorry I get exited seeing these skyline beasts.

Congrat's Felix in adding this one to you collection, does it bother you they are sealed?

Great photos :happy the result is worth the effort you have put in, thanks for sharing.

Oh & 1 more :woohoo

Something tells me you really like this AUTOart model. Hmmm.... :confused

:lol :lol :lol

I'd really prefer it NOT being sealed. To be honest, AUTOart hooked me with their awesome effort with the slotted brake discs, wheels, calipers and tires. If it weren't for that, I might have passed on it and waited for a good deal on it.

Here are some earlier pics I took. They were shot against a matte black background taken by a window. The contrast is such that the rear wing and skirt shows up a lot better but the colours of the car itself doesn't seem to punch out quite as vividly.

Do you have a preference for which style of background you like better Mike?
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hey Felix
you do know that that car is also available in 1/43 from Ebbro right?
Felix, you sure go through great lenghts to make your pics look good. Nice addition BTW. I'm thinking of getting the Calsonic.
Felix did you get this one from Prestige? I think I recall seeing it there, it really is a great looking model. Nice job on the pictures too :rockon
:lol :lol You are thoroughly evil Dirk!! & yes I was quite aware of Ebbro's version which looks quite stunning. vegasracer showed his Ebbro Nissan JGTC cars here

1:18 cars -> :tempted <- 1:43 cars
Thanks Richard for your kind words. :cheers I've been umming & ahhing over the #12 Calsonic cars too. It does look very tempting!
I got this from Mini Grid on Mt. Pleasant. I had a $5 off coupon which eased the "pain" a little bit. :giggle

I'm glad you like the pics too. :cheers
Man! I guess I missed this post yesterday. Felix, those are some really stunning photos! :tongue
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