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Having just finished a 5 to 6 month project a huge wieght has been lifted off my shoulders.

I know I may be teasing too much but I really believe that this one may be worth the extra wait. Beauty shots will have to wait till tomorrow because it is night time here. However so you can see whats ahead here are some photos that will shine very little light if any on this mystery car by JMC Motorsports (for all who do not know this is my custom line of models) :giggle

***Let the trailor begin!!!***

JMC Motorsports Presents!! Dun Dun Dun!!! (Climatic music in the background)

The first picture is the Hot Wheels Ferrari 360 Modena in its original state. A tough well "built" model. This is an extremely significant model to me since it was given to me by my mother since my family knows I collect these little gems. She found it at a toy show a year back and got it for $10 with out the box of course. :happy Given that it is a special model I tried not to modify it too much so that it is still recognizable as the initial car it was intended to be. However...I let my imigination run as wild as a cheetah on the Discovery channel!
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gundam40: I was goin to say it is a certain type but Speed already figured it out.
Speedfiend: Good guess.

Stay tuned for pictures this evening.
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