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:tempted Forgive me if I'm posting too much. I've been looking for a forum to discuss my needs, tips, ideas and work for a couple years now, so I am going crazy here! I wanted to post a few pics of my "junkers" and find out if anyone else builds these too. . .
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Another one. . .
3rd one. . .
Thanks for all the positive feed back, one and all. Sometime in the near future I will try and post a how-to, (as well as I can). The one thing I have NOT figured out yet is how to weather the glass the way I want it. The Chevy pickup is a 1:18th scale version of a truck my Grandfather owned when I was a teenager.
Once again, thanks for the compliments. . .
I've created a sub-folder in my album for the '56 Chevy pick-up for all those interested. I will do the same for the other two if you all want me to. . . Here is the link:

The '56 Chevy Pickup is a Yat Ming, real wood veneer in the bed. The '53 Ford tow truck it also a Yat Ming, with a 292 Y-block out of a '55 Revell Thunderbird. It has scratch-built mirrors, front bumper, turn signals, back bumper, tow boom and winch. Real wood in the bed. Hand built 'steelie' wheels. The '50 Chevy is a Mira, with radiused rear fenders, hand built 'steelie's, deepened in the rear. I bought all three off of E-bay. The '56 truck and '50 Chevy are more or less copies of 1/24 plastic kits I built when I was a teenager. . . My goal is to someday have a 1:18th scale die cast wrecking yard. . . Distressed vehicles take about twice as long to build.
Derrick, I don't think I could sell them, too much time invested and every one of them is like a close friend. These three are the only purely distressed one's I've built, so far. I have a Karmann Ghia that is going to be REALLY distressed, but I'm only about half done with it, and it is on a back burner.
I've made albums for the '50 Chevy and '53 Ford tow truck in case anyone wants to look. The '50 Chevy album has a couple of pictures of the 1:18th copy next to it's 1:24th ancestor, built circa 1978. The Tow truck has a pic off of Ebay of what it looked like when I got it. . . I threw the old 1:24th tow truck away when I finished it's 21st century counterpart. Wish now I hadn't. . .


With both the Tow truck and the Chevy car, I had the old models to work from. With the Chevy Pickup, I had alot of pictures I'd taken of it when I had it. My Grandmother gave it to me when my Grandfather passed away in 1980, so I had plenty of reference photos. Here's a pic of the original. . .
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