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Well well well,

I knew it! I have been complaining about the lack of models in Malta for too much.

This will clarify it more:

I have ordered the Minichamps Porsche 917/20 in 1:18 about 5 months ago. Several orders of unwanted Porsche models have been attributed to me... but I didn't order them., furthermore, the 917/20 has not arrived. :ranting

After some time thinking about it. I finally E-mailed Minichamps headquarters in Germany as I was afraid that the stock has well been sold now. I dont have all e-mails, but these will do

Dear Mr. Fenech,
thanks for your e-mail and your interest on our Minichamps Model Cars.

We continously have this model on stock - So, there should be no problems to get this model worldwide!

Otherwise you can contact our sistercompany Danhausen.

Here is the address:

Danhausen GmbH
Charlottenburger Allee 49
52068 Aachen
Tel. +49 241 9672550
Fax +49 241 9672599
e-mail: [email protected]
website with Onlineshop: www.Danhausen.de


I emailed them back with my problem, i.e. my order isn't coming!


Dear Mr. Fenech,
thanks for your next message!

Please contact our distributor in Malta to clarify this situation directly because it is one of our main politics to talk not about our business relationship to our International Distributors to other collectors!!!

The address is:

GDL Trading & Services Ltd.
126 Cross Road
Marsa HMR 17
Email: [email protected]

Thank you for your kind attention and understanding.

With best regards

Your PMA/Minichamps - Team


Till then, I was fully satisfied. Minichamps customer service was very helpful.... no? Well look whats next!

Out of the blue I received this e-mail, this time from the company who imports the Minichamps products in Malta!


Dear Mr. Fenech,

I refer to your correspondence with our suppliers. I cordially invite you to contact us so that we may take your details and order one especially for yourself. We only very recently sold the last one !
The selling price is Lm48. (Item No. 186 716923)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

f/GDL Trading & Services
126 Cross Road
HMR 17
Tel: 21 225321 / 21 235415


Success!! I am going to get it via my local hobby shop as I dont want to go through the hassle myself. I will also print all this as proof..

:happy :happy

This is what I was always confused about, idle stock lying about and we people saying that we dont have access to it.... well!!

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Holy mercaptanes Batman! Talk about wanting to please your customers! :nicejob Congrats on the deal! If only some other brands really wanted to please its consumer base as Minichamps wants.

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I think this is a definate thumbs up to the customer service skills of Minichamps. The majority of manufacturers/importers wouldn't have given you the time of day.

Well done Bernard to for persevering with it - it paid off in the end.


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Well done Bernard! :nicejob

And hats off go to Minichamps for top notch service! Exoto, are you taking notes?!

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I like the way you take the initiative in going after what you want.

Reading the emails, I couldn't decipher whether the problem was with Minichamps distributing their supplies to your region or if their was a lack of demand for their product in your region.

Was the local retailers in your area not ordering the Minichamps inventory or was they just having an extremely hard time getting Minichamps inventory?

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Thanks all :happy

It will be a while until I get it but it will surely arrive now.

There is quite a dedicated number of collectors and shops who wanted this model and who ordered it. I dont know why either the importer didn't order it or the Minichamps distribution department skipped it.

All I know is that is that the maltese importer has some liquidity problems, so, maybe, Minichamps didn't want to send a number of 100+ euro models and having to wait a lot to receive the money...

But then.... why did they send all the other models? :confused

I dont know exactly, but now I know that if I want a model really bad... just a couple of well written emails will do :giggle

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It certainly is a thumbs up for Minichamps customer service.

I had sent a couple of emails before, but now it seems that Minichamps have implemented a whole new system and the persons answering back are now different people. Much better in my opinion. They were already good, but the way they treated me now is very classy :eek:k

Exoto need a trip to Germany at Minichamps's headquarters.... they need it real baddd! :pullhair

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This is fantastic. Both the manufacturer & importer really care about their customers. Outstanding. :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Nicely done, Bernard. :cheers

And yes, Exoto NEEDS to learn from these folks.

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Yeah! I didn't expect such service, truely amazed :tongue

On another note.... I received a new e-mail from the maltese importer... this months shipment is already on the way.... so I will have to wait till next month to get my car...

No worries.... I am broke! :lol
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