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Thank you all for your time and patience you had with me and other new members here in this forum.

I know much thanking has already been given, but this time I will be more specific. I started having no knowledge at all about my digi cam. Now I am a bit used to it and can fiddle with its settings correctly.

I have learned the importance of a tripod and a good lighting setup like proper bulbs rather than flash or even better the use of direct sunlight.

I want to thank all again for the never ending tutorials about editing, in which, I have learned a bit of how using photoshop but even better to use Picasa 2 (BTW an easy and great editor)

And for the last part, I want to thank those who gave out the tutorials for thumbnails and its benefits. Benefits which both members (higher quality) and forum itself (no large pics) gain.

And just to sum it up... here is my journey through photography and editing here at DX

First off... I started with attached images (no thumbs) so Kb was low, no lighting, and a messy background.. Baddd pics!

Secondly, I bought some light and a better background, results were better but still some problems, the pics were most of the time out of focus :confused Still.. no thumbs

Thridly... I was beginning to see what other members (like Souky, Felix and more!) could deliver and I began questioning... So thumbs arrived! Also, loads of comments were posted to help in my Digicam discussion on settings... so those settings getting better as well.

Fourtly.. editing! Pretty much of the previous setup was the same, but this time I was playing with editing... they were just a a few tries, but they were getting better

Fifth! Sunlight! Details came out really well! but.... too much light? and the background wasn't good enough :ranting

Lastly... my final pics as of today.. managed to find a tripod, found a better place with adequate sunlight and a 'good' background. Editing is fine aswell and pics have really been better

Still a long way from the best... but this will do for now.

Again, I think you all! :cheers

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No Bernard, THANK YOU. :cheers

You have demonstrated what a true collector is all about; it's not the size, not the amount of money spent, not about having the rarest of rare, but the determination to make this hobby more enjoyable for yourself and share them with others.... You took up photography. :nicejob

Photography is no joke. Instead of bitching and moaning, you took initiative & dove in. That is super cool, in my book. :cheers

I don't know much about photography (only what I've learned throught trial and error and from gents like Doc Evil, Felix, and Dr. Jeff aka Vegasracer), but I was more than happy to share my findings with you & anyone here. Got question? Ask away!

Look what's happening now - you're sharing your results with us!

Keep up the good work buddy. :cheers

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What kind of bulbs are you using now?

And do you use any type of 'diffusers' for the lighting?

For indoor shots, I've found it's much better if you could soften the light with some sort of a diffuser when shooting subjects, especially the glossy ones since they show 'glare' spots.

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:cheers all

Actually.... I stole my desk lamp :giggle

I didn't have anough cash to get a proper one yet and since the weather is fine here, I decided to postpone the purchase of a good lamp till the end of summer.

The indoor shots use a small desk neon with 11Watt, after some time I put a diffuser and results were better. The diffuser thing was really funny. It was just a tissue paper rolled and taped to the plastic of the lamp... it worked though!

The glare was practically removed :happy

I borrowed the idea from this forum as well :eek:k

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Then try to! :lol

There are loads of good tutorials and other stuff in this forum to help you out! Two very important things are

1. A place with decent but not too much sunlight,
2. A good tripod


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Thats a pretty impressive evolution, glad to now you made some progress :nicejob

Is that a leather background your using?

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It's really awesome to see you progress so far Bernard! As with most achievements in life, it goes back to 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. Your 956 shots are some of the best I've seen from you! Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to seeing your diecast photos in the future!
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