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She's finished!!! Sorry about the lack of updates but was struggling with time for that so everything kind of happened in the background!

List of mods consists of:
- wide body conversion with a front bumper swap to Audi TT RS + GTR34 side skirts (chopped)
- full paint strip down and respray in Pearlscent Yellow
- full engine mod, added turbo, intercooler, few parts scratch built and a forged carbon decals that just looks like winter camo

- Audi TT RS wheels with new brakes & AP Racing calipers (wheels are static but they actually steer)
- full interior swap from racing to road
(If I've forgot something I will update it later)

I've sent some photos to Speedy and ot loads more so will probably log it all as a separate thread somewhere else at a later date

It's not perfect by any means and if I ever do similar mod I would do few things differently but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

Look forward to seeing everyone else's builds!!!

Thanks for viewing!
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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