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Impressive Souky! I've saw that one before, and was going to ask if you had it. From what I saw it doesn't have a very broad range of models, right?

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Thank you very much, gents. :cheers :cheers :cheers

Luciano - You're absolutely right. There aren't many Jin Roh toys made. To my knowledge, only 5 versions of 1/6 scale and a 5 inche figure were produced :

Red Spectacle (Japan World Character Convention Limited),
Stray Dog (by Dragon),
Stray Dog "light up eyes" version, (by Takara)
Kerberos (by Medicom/Takara)
Keberos Limited Edition (mail-away in Japan only). I've just acquired this figure.

All of the above are 1/6 (12 inche) action figures.

The one you see here is a 5 inch Keberos action figure (by Kaiyodo).

The soon to be released Jin Roh FEMALE Panzer Cop looks fantastic. I've got one on order and will post it up when she arrives. :cheers

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DiecastX said:

that looks like a new age storm tropper :scared
ha ha

but there's no more star wars movies now, unless they do a episode 7

but it's got Vader's head!!!!
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