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Kinda surpirsing..

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Its kind puzzling to me that we all have such beautiful collections that we pour a great deal of energy and pride into and yet we dont shre that age old secret...

How do you keep them clean and dust free. :lol

I thought by now that this forum would have filled up with tips and advice on how to maintain and take care of some of the awesome pieces that we have on display.

As I routinely rotate my models on display, I suffer the same anxiety as most everyone...dust. :ranting

I find myself dusting on a daily basis :ranting
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Ronan said:
The glass cabinets I have my cars in are mostly dust free, so very little cleaning is needed. I do give them an occasional dusting with a make-up brush used for just that purpose (plus a can of compressed air to get at the interiors if necessary). Mostly just before a photo session really (just like VR described!)
Same here.
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