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I have the old red non high end F40 mint in box but with rash. I wonder whether I should sell it and get the new one. Does the new one have the same level of details of the old non high end F40 except the improved rear light position?
I have this same question, with both my 250 GTO and F40. The newer Kyoshos that I have have about the same amount of detailing as the ones released 10-15 years ago, so I'm expecting more or less the same model.

My red Hi-End 250 GTO has a little bit of rash, and I'd rather have the blue seats and two side vents of the first release, even instead of the added detailing, so the choice is obvious. My F40, I love it in yellow and that's also probably why it still has zero paint rash... unless they're rereleasing the yellow too, I'd rather keep it, and if I can find one, swap out the whole rear grill piece with one from any other F40 model that has it right.

Either way, another chance at the Miuras, Countachs, and Testarossa is very good news 😄
1 - 2 of 82 Posts