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Kyosho Acura NSX

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Here's the next review, guys. As promised it is for the Acura NSX.

The model is available in several colours - red, black, pearl white or yellow. The paint application is faultless and there are no rough edges, or unpainted areas.


The panel gaps are very tight and the finish is very good too. The headlights actually pop up and stay up although they are difficult to raise. The foglights are separate pieces too and although the large tail light cluster looks reasonably accurate, the reverse lights are simply painted on to it. In addition, the side repeaters are simply applied by stickers. The heating elements on the rear window are simulated by moulding in the plastic which detracts from realism. The front compartment is also completely sealed.


Although one can appreciate that the real NSX never had the most attractive of interiors, the model's interior could be a lot better. The floor (and the trunk) may be carpeted and the pedals are correctly shaped but the rest could be much improved. The centre console and dashboard are crudely moulded and lack detail. The colour difference between the carpet and the plastic is obvious but should be much more subtle. The doors are fitted on dogleg hinges but they are fairly well hidden. In addition, no effort was made to cover up the interior roof as the supports for the windscreen are as clear as day.

The tyres have a realistic tread and the wheels are fairly detailed themselves but the brake discs are very poor - they have no detail and although they rotate with the wheels, there are no brake calipers.


The rear window opens and exposes the engine cover which is raised (but doesn't stay upright) to reveal an extremely detailed engine. The engine is very well rendered with a few stickers representing the labels in the engine bay of the real car. The cross braces are well simulated as well. The undercarriage detail is very good too. Plenty of separate moulded parts were used for simulating the suspension, engine, exhausts etc. shown underneath the model but they should resemble aluminium rather than the chrome colour that they actually are.

Revell also make the NSX in 1/18 but there version is inferior to Kyosho's rendition.

Kyosho made their NSX models at the time when Bburago and Maisto dominated the 1/18 diecast market (almost ten years ago) and it was also when few people demanded high-quality models. They are rare today and you will be very lucky to find one for sale, even in a model specialist store and the pearl white version is commanding big bucks on eBay.

The best way to describe Kyosho's Acura NSX is that it is a "premium Bburago" as the quality at the time when it was launched was outstanding but is rather dated today. It will go nicely with a sportscar collection and is becoming more difficult to find.

Total Score - 36/50

Thanks to Project 1/18 and the Diecast Zone for the use of their pictures.

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great review......
i always wanted to know more about the NSX...think a local store has em on sale..... though still not cheap
Kinda low numbers from a Kyosho, but I'm sure age determined a lot of that.

Thanks for posting the great review. :mrgreen:
Great review as usual :jk: Keep up the good work Darren :mrgreen:
Consider the fact that back then, Bburago and Ertl were the Kings of the hill in the 1:18 scale market. This model must wow a lot of collectors then as the recent releases from Kyosho or AUTOart do right now.
:iagr: but as I said the problem with it was that at the time most collectors weren't really interested in high quality models ten-years ago due to their price and that the 1/18 diecast market was a lot smaller then.
So is it worth the $40 I can get it for?
So is it worth the $40 I can get it for?
I would say definately yes.......they may not be perfect by todays standards but I have seen some of these NSX`s pull well over $100.
:iagr: $40 is a bargain in my humble opinion. Go for it! :sm:
How'd I miss this one? Nice review Darren.
RichardM said:
How'd I miss this one? Nice review Darren.
Same here. :confused Great review as always Darren! :cheers :cheers :cheers
Totally agree.

This is a good model, but by modern standards, it's a disappointment for a Kyosho.
great review Darren :cheers ,
Is this model really 10 years old??
I first saw the model in the shops in 1994 but I didn't get one until mid-1996 so I've had my NSX model for almost eight years now.
Great review, castrol_supra_gt! Gives me an appetite for the car, although I'm disappointed by some of the budget tactics they use for such an expensive piece.
castrol_supra_gt said:
I first saw the model in the shops in 1994 but I didn't get one until mid-1996 so I've had my NSX model for almost eight years now.
seems good for an 8 year old diecast, am I right?
Yes, very much so. In a way, the model is a victim of its own high quality at the time - as I said in the review the model was released at the time when high quality models weren't highly sought after by collectors so not a great deal were sold.
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