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Kyosho Aston Martin Vanquish?

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Hi guys, lately i suddenly got a very good feeling of the Aston Martin Vanquish, and am quite tempted to buy one. After looking around carefully, i realiized the 1/12 one is the one to have. However, since stocks of this model had been long sold out, now i only have one choice. I have been offered a second hand James Bond version one for approx US$320...
So here are my questions. First, is the James Bond version one as detailed and as elegant as the street version one? If ignoring the gadgets, would the two versions look identical (cause honestly, i like the street version better)?
And finally, even though the seller has the original box and had kept the car near mint, US$320 seems to be quite expensive for a SECOND HAND model, so should i be paying this price?? :feedback Thanks!
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US$320 is lot of money (for a model at least) :crying

1st, you've to ask yourself do you "really" like this version :confused
2nd, beside HK is there any other website selling and how much are they offering :confused

I don't collect 1/12 but I'd saw this model at my local shop and indeed it's an awesome model :cheers
:iagree It is an awesome model. However, buy the JB version only if you like it. USD320 is plenty dough to spend on a model you do not like. good luck ! :cheers
$320 is actually quite reasonable I think. Some online retailers were selling them for $450 USD when they were new.
Theres one sitting at my local hobby store, the quality looks incredible!!! It's definitely carpeted all around, lots of fabric, the seats really do look like real leather, definitely not plastic, although I might be mistaken. I do not think you will be dissapointed if you purchased it, but then again I've only looked at it from behind glass.
Tower Hobbies at www.towerhobbies.com has both 1/12 Bond version and 1/12 Street version, for US $299.99. And both versions are in stock as of this moment.

For that much money you should definite buy the version you want.

I have both the Bond version and the Street version and they are both really nice, though I personally prefer the Street version, mainly because its chrome grill is more realistic.

PS. Kyosho is coming out with a 1/12 scale Street version, in light blue, if you like that color better.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
These 1/12 models are incredible, too bad I can't afford too many. I have the F40 and the JB Z8, but the Z8 has a cracked headlight cover even when I got it new. When I got a replacement model, the same thing happened to that, so I have given up on it. :cuss :ranting :crying
Thanks for the informative replies guys, appreciated it! I guess US$320 does sound a bit expensive for a SECOND HAND MODEL...but then i don't want to spend money on shipping, so i prefer getting it locally...O well, I don't think i'm going to purchase it afterall, since first: its not the street version that i want, and secondly, its about time i start saving up for the Tamiya Enzo :danbanna
Thanks again!
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