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Here's the next review guys, this one is for the BMW M3 Coupe (E46-series) by Kyosho.

The Phoenix Yellow paint is realistically replicated and well applied (by hand). There aren't any unpainted areas, unevenly painted areas or rough edges.

The model's scale and proportions appear accurate and it weighs in at a rather portly 930 grams. The fit is excellent around the doors and the trunk but the panel gap around the hood could be slightly tighter. The headlights at foglights are simulated with separate plastic pieces and look very realistic. The side repeaters are separate pieces too and the M3 grilles just above them are very well rendered.

The tail lights are just as detailed as the headlights.
The BMW logos are 3D badges and the use of chrome on the logos and the kidney grilles is appropriate. The kidney grilles are perforated as is the air dam which is made from mesh plastic. The only fault with the exterior is that the air intakes leading to the brakes are not perforated as black paint simulates them.


This is arguably one of the finest interiors in a mid-priced model. The floors are fully carpeted and the seats have a leather feel to them. The controls are present on the seats too and the M3 logo is present on the door sills in case you forgot that the model is of the M3. Seatbelts are present too (the belts and buckles are actually separate) as are the clips. The armrest between the driver and front passenger seats can be raised and lowered. The rear seats weren't spared either as they have the same leather feel with realistic seat belts as well. The foot pedals are decently rendered and the foot rest is present too. The centre console is very well made with many fine mouldings and fine applications of paint. The gear stick can be moved around slightly too. The interior roof is complete too and even the handles are present. The trunk is fully carpeted too with a simulated toolkit.

Most models have one area in particular where the accuracy or quality falters and this is where it is with this particular model, albeit only slightly. The tyres are unbranded but the tread is perfectly accurate. The wheels themselves are very well defined with the correct style of rim for the M3 and 3D badges are in place for the BMW logos. The pin for inflating the tyres is present too. The brake discs aren't grooved - the grooves are simulated by moulded holes. The calipers are very detailed and correctly, they are slightly darker than the brake discs but they are moulded with the discs so the brake discs do not rotate with the wheels.


The hood raises to reveal a very well simulated engine bay. Part of the underside of the hood is correctly painted black. The straight-6 engine is extremely detailed with the correct markings and mouldings. Wiring is present too and the front suspension turrets are partly painted as well.

The undercarriage detail is as equally as impressive. The exhausts and heat reflectors are made separately from the chassis as are the differential and driveshafts. The small vent beneath the engine is correctly placed too.

AUTOart also makes the M3. Kyosho's version has better engine and interior detail where as AUTOart's version has better wheel/brake and exterior detail. You can argue that Kyosho's version is just as good as AUTOart's version.

Kyosho's version isn't as easily available as AUTOart's own - only model specialists and BMW dealers are likely to stock this model. The quality is extremely good and its price is fair for a mid-priced model.

This model is more than two years old now but its age still hasn't caught up with it and isn't likely to do so for quite some time. Kyosho made an outstanding effort of replicating the M3 in 1/18 scale. This model is a great example of Kyosho's high quality and it is a must-have for performance car/BMW car model collectors.

Total Score - 44/50

Thanks to Project 1/18 for the use of their photos. :cheers

When I get some free time, I'll re-write the review for ERTL's Mitsubishi Eclipse, no thanks to those moron hackers :blastaway

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Great review Darren. This was one of the first cars I bought and I agree with your review. I'm still considering adding an AUTOart version. :nicejob
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