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Kyosho Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione

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My very first Kyosho :yahoo Love this Daytona, amazing details i just drooool :tongue over it. Was thinking long time abot getting this lil red horse. The shop had a few of them beside the C5R's. I couldn't resit the :tempted . And i'm not sorry :lol
Took a few pics of this amazing car. :tease

Kysosho did an AWESOME job on this Daytona, this has to be my fav model :happy
:yahoo :yahoo :woohoo :tongue
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Great car and thanks for the great pictures! :cheers

That Model is amazing. I don't even want to think about what it cost. . . :mine
Congrats again RG! (Great photos too)

The Competizione is the only racing 1:18 i own. I only usually collect street cars, but couldn't pass on this one as it's a must have.

For the price detailing is fantastic. LUW said before that the this model had 95% of the detail found on an Exoto, but only cost half as much. Having bought mine I agree totally with him.
There is supposed to be more liveries being lauched by Kyosho; I've got a very bad feeling this 365 Competizione thing is going to cost me serious $$$$. :giggle

Congrats Johnny!! :cheers
That is one of Kyosho's finest models.
Thanks DC4ME :cheers
Thanks cobalt :cheers 85$cad worth every dollar :tongue
Thanks Jim :cheers
Sweet more 365 Competizione :wink
Thanks Luciano :cheers
:iagree ,Its one of my finest models i have
u picked a Great car as your first kyosho. Congrats!
Thanks MockingBird :cheers Yes its a sweeeeeet kysosho :giggle
Beautiful (but then again, it is a Daytona) and great pics, Johnny.
Thanks John :cheers :giggle
:tongue :tongue :tongue AWESOME
Thanks Thomas :cheers Yes keep on drooling :giggle
Thanks Nadav :cheers Keep on drooling :giggle
RattlerGUNZ said:
Kysosho did an AWESOME job on this Daytona, this has to be my fav model
:iagree I absolutely agree. What a great choice for your first Kyosho. I got one of the first releases and it's been one of my favorite ever since. I can't wait for the next livery from Kyosho. It should be equally stunning.
Good for you Johnny! :nicejob :cheers

in my opinion, this is Kyosho's best 1:18. One of my all time fav. :cheers
Thanks Tom :cheers
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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