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My latest review on the Kyosho Lancia 037:

PAINT (out of 8)

Just a perfect paintjob, no errors here. The tampo painting is of VERY high quality, I would day I've never seen better! Very detailed and sharp tampos :nicejob

There's no better painting of a race/rallycar in 1:18 I could think of!


EXTERIOR (out of 8)

Front, rear and doors open. The panel gaps are perfect straight and right sized.
The miniature lights and direction lights are very nice and detailed. The scale is fine too off course.

Some little glued on parts came loose a bit, but thats probably the weather conditions and time's fault.


INTERIOR (out of 8)

This is a realistic interior, 4 point harness with photoetched buckles, the right materials with proper finishing.

All the buttons are present, that makes a beautiful instrument pannel. 2 fire extinguishers are present too! I cannot find any faults in here... only the dials are a bit far in the dash.


WHEELS/BRAKES (out of 6)

The wheels are less good than the rest of the car, there are brakediscs but the calipers are stuck to them.

The tires are branded and have full tread on them.
I don't like the rims, but maybe they're just realistic...



The engine is moulded out of a lot of parts. All painted and very detailed.
Even wiring is present. You can see the exhaust system and the suspension.

However the springs are not very well detailed.
The undercarriage is as realistic as possible, you can see the bottom of the engine.

In the front we have the battery with a Varta tampo on it, also a spare tire is under there.


COMPETITION (out of 6)

No other company makes this model so there is no competition to speak of.



This model is quite rare, and I think it's one of Kyosho's best.
It's quality is excellent. A beautiful group B legend!



I think this is a beautiful model. If you have the Stratos you need this one too.
The legendaric Lancia rally cars have something special to me, I just love them!


Here are some video's from the 80's of the 037

Rally della LANA 1984
Rally Montecarlo 1985
Rally Costa Smeralda 1985
Rally della Lana 1984
Rally Costa Smeralda 1985
Rally Piancavallo 1985
Rally Isola d'Elba 1985
Rally Montecarlo 1985
Rally Safari 1985
Rally della Lana 1984
Rally della Lana 1984
Rally 1000 Lakes 1985
Rally Sanremo 1985
Rally Sanremo 1985
Rally Costa Smeralda 1985

review added to DX Model Review Database on 20-MAR-2004

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Wow... Awesome car... :drool
Great review Rico!!! :nicejob I was looking everywhere for this car but couldn't find it... That's why I went for the Monte Carlo version :nutkick That's a cool car too, so no complaints! :danbanna
Thanks a lot for the review and the movies... Awesome... :happy :happy :happy

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RichardM said:
angelrott_V6 said:
Very nice car......lets hope its better quality than their abysmal Stratos Models :ranting
:confused :feedback I love my Stratos.
Well Richard , heres the story .

I bought a load of Kyosho models from my wholesaler at reduced clearance prices . These included the Honda NSX , Datsun 240Z rally car , BMW V12 LeMans car , 2 versions of the Mini van and 12 Lancia Stratos models .

Upon delivery , it was noted that 3 of the Stratos were missing their windscreen wipers , snapped off and lying loose in the box . The other 9 looked fine and I sold 5 of them straight away through Ebay . I started receiving emails from customers complaining about these cars very soon afterwards varying from broken front hub assemblies , a missing radiator on one car and on 2 other cars the hinge mechanism on the front panel was completely snapped off or broken on just one side . I checked the remaining cars I had and found 2 further damaged cars once I had cut off the retaining packing straps.
Out of a consignment of 12 cars , 10 were faulted / damaged in one way or another , which I find totally amazing for a company such as Kyosho .
I must also point out that it was only the Stratos cars that were like this....there were no probs with the others .
I contacted my wholesaler(the biggest in the UK as it happens ) to inform him of the problem . He told me that they had actually stopped stocking this particular car a while back due to problems with the Stratos range .
Apparantly , they suffer from weak hinges and poorly made hub assemblies , according to my wholesaler................you should check yours out .

It was this version I ordered by the way :cheers
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