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Kyosho Lancia Delta

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Anyone has one of these? I've seen the #3 Tour de Corse car at the hobby shop today, but I couldn't really look at it all that much, I was in a hurry. I'm a rally nut, so I'm really considering this one, but is it worth 45$ US? (Or somewhere near that, exchange rates seem to change every hour nowadays)
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vegasracer said:
LUW said:
Jeff, I always wanted to know what is that black outer rim on the front wheels? :feedback
Brake cooling...
:iagree Brake cooling is right, plus they have a neat simulated carbon fibre finish on this model.
vegasracer said:
I would definitely jump at the chance to get this for $45 USD!!! I paid a bit more for mine, and still feel that it was worth it!
:iagree Absolutely! A great buy at $45. I paid more for mine but I'm very happy with it! :cheers
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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