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Here is finally, after many people asking me to do it.

First off, this is a great model. Kyosho did a great job on this car.
The paint is perfectly applied on my model. All corners, wheel wells, hood and small areas are evenly painted. The front and reaer lights look great, while the side markers are painted on. The wheels and tires are made perfectly, with small details such as the tire brand, treads, all 5 lugnuts as well as the mazda emblem on the center cap. There are brake calipers as well as a rotor, but they ar not slotted. It is a smooth disc, but I think the real car had these. Everything looks proportionate as well.

Carpeted interior is the first thing I notice. The seats are beatifully molded front and rear. All of the controls on the dash and console are black with no detailed painting. But it is finely engraved with everything from e-brake to shifter, center console controls and air vents, and all bezels for mph and rpm. The trunk is carpeted as well. For such an old model, the detail is great.

For sush a small engine, the detail is great. The big red brace across the front brings attention first. It is molded exactly as the 1/1 with rx7 logos, and nuts and bolts. The air intake is niccely done that leads to the the top of the engine. It is twisted around a quite detailed alternator. The front section of the car looks like one piece though (radiator). The brake resovior is detailed with white paint and a silver cap. WHen the is flipped upside down it has a great drivetrain detail. From transmission to rearend. The full exhaust is not too bad either.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic model. I would recomend any of the rz7s, as well as kyoshos to anyone. They cost a lot more, but they make great import cars. I hope this helps everyone out in their decisions.
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Good to here its a keeper! :twisted: Actually I want to get a few kyoshos but wanted to know of the brake rotors & calipers first( if Kyo's had them! :shock: )This helps alot mac thanks!
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