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Kyosho MB 300SL

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Anyone have this? Is it any good?
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Unhappily I don't, but it's high on my list (if that's a consolation). :giggle
I want to buy this one. It is a realy nice car. But, I wait for the same model from Minichamps (4th quater) and then, I buy the better one.

Is is a pretty old effort.
I remember seeing one at a shop a few years ago and putting it back on the shelf because of the cost.
Sorry I can't give you any more info.
Here are some comparo pics:


SL Cars

I prefer the Bburago model, althugh the Kyosho has better finish and paint, the Bburago is more true to the 1:1 car, and has a charm and stance that I really like.
The wheels on the Kyosho 300SL is a bit off. It doesn't really look like the one on the real car at all.
kyosho 300sl
I replaced my Burago SL with the Kyosho version .

The quality is much better , even though its not brilliant .

Definately the best of the bunch at present. :cheers
Thanks for the FB. I'll give this a flyer and wait for the Minichamps. :cheers
I too will wait 4 the minichamps version :danbanna
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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