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Here is picture's of one of my newest car's, a Mini Cabrio by Kyosho.
Didn't really plan to get it until i decided i needed something a bit different for my collection and while browsing through Modellissimo i came across this and thought why not.

Have a look for yourself by these picture's.


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There are 2 Roofs that came with the model that clip into the back, one of the roof down and this one with it up, the only problem with this one thought.

It does make the car look like a Child's Pram

This model also came with 4 luggage cases.

All 4 fit neatly into the boot.....

....but if they didn't its no problem, because like my BMW X3 Dealer Edition, the rear seats split and fold down flat.

The inside

The engine, while it is better than recent BMW model's its still poor from Kyosho.

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Vince: Are we going on vacation to America & Canada or not?
Sid: Err, yes.
Vince: So why are you putting are luggage in that.
Sid: This is what were going in.
Sid: Whats the problem?
Vince: If we go touring America & Canada in this everyone will point and laugh at us, the Hells Angels will Kill us if they see us in this.
Sid: Look we still need test this new car even if we are going on vacation so live with it or you can stay here.

Vince: (Under his breath) Goodness knows why i got to work withy these retra....
Sid: What was that?
Vince: What, i didn't say anything.
Sid: Good, stick the radio on Eddy.

Vince: If we are going to America & canada we can stop by some of the DX Member's houses and test some of there collections can't we.
Sid: That's a good idea actually don't see why they wouldn't let us, there nice and freindly enough people arn't they.
Eddy: Thats true.
Vince: We could go to and test some of Max Powers' collection, or if we are in Las-Vegas we can see some of Vega's Racer's cars, or even Diecast X the big cheese of DX himself.
Sid: Brilliant and when were in nice and piecefull Canada we can say hello to Felix and drive his Mac's.
Eddy: this sound's like its going to be a great vacation.

2 Hours later, whilst getting some rest at a point to point service stop.

Vince: listen lad's, about this DX member collection testing idea i have had this thought in my head.
Eddy: Whats that then?

Vince: You know Felix has 3 of those Action Performance Astra DTM's
Sid: Yes we do, what about them.
Vince: You know how badly Mr.V wants one don't you.
Eddy: Its on his Holy Grail top 5 list, why do you ask?
Vince: This may sound wrong and indecent, but when we are testing felix collection, and when he, or nobody else is looking, we take one for each of ourself's and drive them away and get them on the ship back to England and drive them home to him, just think how pleased he would be, but we tell him be bought them with our own money, he is bound to give us something special, like our favorite cars for each of us.
Sid: I don't really, like thew idea of theft but if it has to be done, just keep things hush hush untill w get there becaue if felix suspects us before we even get there, them thats are chance blown.
Vince: Great, Eddy are you in.
Sid: Its not like i have a choice do i, so im in to.
Vince: Great, good luck then.

@ Felix - Don't worry, the lad's were just joking, your Astra's are still safe

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I'm saying nothing, seeing as I live 3 miles away from BMW Oxford (the factory where they are built), I see them every day!!!

I think I deserve to have it :giggle

I do like the bonnet shut line (on my Maisto Kit, there is a scaled up 3inch gap)

I do intend to get one, thanks for showing them, Mr V.

The only thing that spoils it for me is that it is a LHD. Never mind, I'm going to start looking.

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Kyosho have done a good job of the roof, here's the 1:1 to compare.

Actually looking at it again, they've done a very good job!!!

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Congrats Deano.

I really ought to get a high end Mini. All I have is a Maisto one from 2001.

Very silly story again. :giggle


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Nice Pics! The luggage is a nice touch!
You might have a skewed view of how Minis sell here in the States as most of my dealer clients have a hard time keeping one on the showroom to show prospective clients. They are mostly sold before the transport unloads them. :giggle
Most vehicle's inventory in measure in day's supply (in other words, if the manufactures stopped making them today, how many day's worth of sales it would take to deplete the inventory that dealers nation wide have in stock). The Mini has been measured in hours. :giggle

Also, I would not worry about bikers, but I would worry about becoming a hood ornament on a soccer's mom SUV. :lol
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