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Kyosho Paint

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This is the first time I have started a topic on DX so please
don't shout if I mess things up.

Anyway my question is what do fellow members think about the
quality of paint on Kyosho models compared to AUTOart?

The reason I ask this is because on 3 of the KY models I own
(1:18 Red M3 conv, Ferrari 365 GTB4 and 512BB) the paint can
appear 'streaked' pitted and dull in certain lighting conditions.
The other 8 KY's and all 25 AUTOart I own are fine.

Have I just been unlucky with these 3 or is it a wider known


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I haven't noticed any paint "issues" with any of my Kyoshos, but the again I've only been in this game for a year and a half.
I think Kyosho makes a better interior (older and newer models), the exterior is on the older models (Lamborghini Countach...) not perfect - on newer models (BMW's and so) the exterior is perfect.
On AUTOart models, the exterior is perfect and the interior is not so perfect how Kyosho models.
Thanks for the replies.

I have both the Kyosho BMW 6 and 5 series on my must buy list; so am currently unable to draw comparisons with my newer AUTOart's, so thanks for your help.
Whilst I am impressed by Kyosho overall, their paintwork is not as good as most of my Maistos.

I would be grateful if more members coud share their opinions or experiences on this matter.

At least all my Kysoho models have a very good paint job. No complaints at all.
Are all your Kyosho models priced at the same value? If so then there should be some manufacturing problem with those three models. Else the quality increases based on the price.

AUTOart models come at different price range and the cheaper ones do have some paint issues like BMW Z8 by AUTOart. I didnt like its paint job compared to its other models and ofcourse it was the cheapest AUTOart model I bought so no regrets :giggle

The cheapest one of my models was GB40 pounds (about $70).
Similarly priced AUTOart are flawless. Because I only own 11 Kyosho
models, and the paint is slightly suspect on 3 of them, it is fair for
one to assume that there are wider quality control issues. Not all
of my KY's have a poor paint finish, my silver Z8 has a brilliant
paint job.
With this thread I was only trying to ascertain if fellow members
had similar problems.

Thanks for your replies
These are mass produced products and made in batches. So everything is interdependent on one another. Every batch will have differences in paint, the alloy of the metal in diecast, the plastics used and all such things. Also the storage of the models, humidity and heat can effect conditions of the models. Its impossible for the manufacturers to make separate models to suit the climate and conditions of every place on earth.
Also has time passes by, we can hope model makers to improve on quality and keep it consistent. Having said that, we have to accept minor defects as much as we hate to do it.
I have less than 10 Kyo's (including a couple of very old releases) but I have no issues with the paint on any of them.

The way they screw some of the cars to the bases however... :ranting

8 screws for one car? Come on!
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:iagree Even my 8-year-old Kyosho NSX has great paint.
Well, from someone who used to collect exclusively BMW and almost entirely Kyosho, I can definitely say ANY Kyosho paint is better than on a Maisto. There are entire parts of a model that Maisto paint doesn't even cover....

That being said, I can also tell you that Kyosho paint problems are an issue. The biggest problem with Kyosho paint is that you can still see 'grinding' marks on many of their models. Not good. My models are treated to glass display cases as soon as they arrive and some of the Kyosho's are less than perfect....Oh, and yeah, these are 'Dealer Editions', definitely on the higher end price bracket.

The best paint overall in models is on Minichamps models. No problems. I will close by saying that in my opinion, AUTOart does a better paint job than Kyosho.....

I'm glad to hear that the majority of you don't have issues with your paint. However, i am reassured that i'm not the only to have noticed this.
It seems to be their 'flat' black paint that suffers the most. Although my only other black ky model is the 'budget' MB E320, the paint on this is good even though it is half the price of my Ferrari 365. (my e46 m3 conv is imola red met BTW).

Winstoncds- perhaps climate and storage is a factor. But the models are
currently stored in their boxes, out of sunlight and in a constant

I think i'll just have to put it down to experience and accept that it may be cars from a bad batch!!

Cheers everyone
I recall reading somewhere that long term storage in the styrofoam shell can affect the paint through off-gassing. Could this be the issue? That may explain the difference since AUTOart uses different packaging. Then again PMA uses styrofoam too. :confused
11 on the Porsche Speedster - nothing else has come close.
Thats the one I was thinking of :ranting
'Off-gassing' could be a factor with the M3 as it is stored in its styrofoam box. It is wrapped in several layers of tissue paper, as is my X5, 328ci, 328 conv, Z8, blue M3, but none of these have the paint problems(also got Maybach 57 and M635csi by AUTOart stored in this way, they are ok) . My two Kyosho Ferraris are kept in a conventional plastic base box, so for these the styrofoam isn't the cause.

I think that you may have spread some light on a problem experienced with one of my older models. I have a 1:18 Citroen XM made by solido bought whilst on holiday in Cyprus about 1993. Once the model was home it was stored for about 8 years. When I decided to open it I noticed that something had attacked the rubber tyres, I was racking my brains over this but the box may be a factor.

Thanks all
A fellow collector here had problems with a few of his Minichamps models that were stored in their styrofoam boxes, with the paint and tires. I think that nothing beats a jackep-up model in an enclosed cabinet that is shielded from heat, sun and moisture as the perfect way to store our toys.
Thanks for the advice LUW.
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