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Thank you for your comments, guys.
Since i have not updated here for more than 6 months it is time for the next car from my collection.
BBR Ferrari 812 Competizione in Coburn Grey with yellow stripe.
The 812 Competizione was presented on May 5th 2021 it is a track focused version of the 812 Superfast and it is also limited to 999 coupes and 599 Competizione A.
They both come with the 6.5 litre V12 now producing 819 bhp ( 610 kW) @ 9250 rpm and a maximum torque of 692 Nm
(510 lb-ft) @ 7000 rpm and the redline is @ 9500 rpm.
There are aerodynamic upgrades and it also introduces independent 4 wheel steering.

0-100 km/h (0-62 mp/h) @ 2.85 sec.
0-200 km/h (0-124 mp/h) @ 7.4 sec.
Top speed:
339 km/h ( 211 mp/h).

Time for some pics and since i don´t have any pics of the real thing i can only show you the model:

And some personal thoughts on the model.

As usual BBR has nailed the car.
The paint is smooth the carbon fibre are really good in a gloss black finish.
The interior is good altough on this car it is mostly black with yellow stitching on the dashboard.
Wheels and tires are well replicated with Pirelli lettering on the tires.
Brakes are also good.
BBR has also done a great job with all the intricate aero pieces around the car.

Thanks for watching.

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I picked one up as well and your right it ticks all the boxes, apart from anything opening, it looks really good. Congrats, a great add Morgan.

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Thanks for your comments, guys.
Time for the next car from my collection, BBR Ferrari F50 in Rosso Corsa.

The F50 was introduced in 1995 at the Geneva Motor Show to celebrate Ferrari´s 50th anniversary and was in production until 1997, in total 349 cars was made for sale with another 1 produced which was going straight to the museum.
It is a 2 seater car with a targa top designed by Lorenzo Ramaciotti and Pietro Camardella at Pininfarina.
The car is constructed around a carbon fibre tub to which the front suspension is mounted.
The engine is also solid mounted to the rear of the tub which also supported the gearbox and the rear suspension.
The suspension is horizontally mounted and is operated with pushrods.

The cars body is also made out of carbon fibre with a removable targa top and it has a big rear wing.

The engine is a 4.6 liter naturally aspirated V12 producing 520 bhp (382 kW) @ 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 471 Nm (347 lb-ft) @ 6500 rpm it has 5 valves per cylinder.
Transmission is a 5-speed manual.

The brakes are made by Brembo with 4 pistons both front and rear.
Wheels are made by Speedline and is a magnesium alloy.
Front: 8.5x18" with 245/35ZR 18" Goodyear Eagle F1 GS Fiorano.
Rear: 13x18" with 335/30ZR 18" Goodyear Eagle F1 GS Fiorano.

0-100 km/h (0-62 mp/h) @ 3.9 sec.
Top speed:
312 km/h ( 194 mp/h).

Time for some pics:

And some personal thoughts of the car.
BBR has done a good job replicating the real car the paint is smooth.
Wheels and tires are also good the brakes is also good.
The interior looks great with the seats and the gated shifter.
Headlights and rear lights are well replicated and so is the mesh at the front and rear.
The engine seems to be good under the rear glass.

Thanks for watching.

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Not a Ferrari I would get but this one looks really good, and the detail BBR put into this car it shows off well. Some models you don't mind that it doesn't open and this one of them; congrats Morgan and another pretty pony!.

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Thanks for your comment.

Time for the next cars from my collection, BBR Alfa Romeo Giulia QV i 3 different versions.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV was introduced in June 2015 and with the market launched for February 2016.
It is a 4 door saloon car and it was designed at the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

It has a front engine rear wheel drive layout.
The main competitors is the BMW M3/M4, Mercedes-AMG C63 and Cadillac ATS-V.
It is powered by a twin-turbo gasoline direct injection 90 degree 2.9 litre V6 this engine was developed exclusively for the QV by Ferrari.
It is related to the Ferrari´s F154 CB V8 engine sharing the same bore and stroke of 86.5mm x 82mm as the California T model.
The engine produces 503 bhp ( 375 kW) @ 6500 rpm and a maximum torque of 600 Nm ( 443 lb-ft) @ 2500-5000 rpm.
The turbochargers are single scroll units made by IHI and are integrated with the manifold with water-charge air coolers.
Maximum turbo pressure is 35 psi ( 2.4 bar).
The engine also has cylinder deactivation that can switch off one bank of cylinders.

The QV weighs in at 1734 kg ( 3,822 lb).
The car is fitted with a torque vectoring differential which is able to send 100% of the troque to the left or right wheel
and a 8-speed automatic gearbox from ZF with a 6-speed manual transmission as an option for the EU market.
The brakes are carbon ceramic with six pistons at the front and four pistons at the rear.

0-100 km/h ( 0-62 mp/h) @ 3.9 sec.
Top speed:
307 km/h ( 191 mp/h).
The QV has has completed a lap at the Nurburgring nordschleife in 7min39 sec a record for a saloon car.
In September 2016 a new lap record was recorded for the automatic transmission 7min32 sec.

The cars i have is the Alfa Romeo QV N-Ring edition i grey.
The biggest difference is the carbon ceramic brakes , Sparco carbon fibre seats, carbon fibre interior trim a Mopar branded gear shifter and Mopar floor mats.
On the outside you find carbon fibre mirror caps and side skirts and an exposed carbon fibre roof and some NRING badges.

The other 2 versions i have is the GTA and GTAm in Verde Montreal and white these cars was introduced in March 2020 with a limited run of 500 units the GTA and GTAm was produced to celebrate Alfa Romeo´s 110th anniversary.
They share the same engine which is producing 533 bhp ( 397 kW) and are 100kg lighter than the QV.
The GTAm is the more track focused car of the 2 with a rear seat delete and lexan side and rear windows.
The handling is improved by a 50mm wider front and rear track.
It also has center lock wheels, broader fenders cover the additional width.
New dampers, bushings and shocks further improves the cars handling.

Time for some pics and i start with the real car, altough this is the Giulia QV:

And the BBR QV NRING in matt grey:

And the BBR GTA in white:

And the BBR GTAm in Verde Montreal:

And some personal thoughts.
I think that BBR has done a good job replicating all 3 versions of the Alfa Romeo.
The matt grey paint is really good all the emblems are also well replicated.
Wheels and tires are also good, the brakes looks good.
The interior is also good but it is also quite dark so its hard to see the details.
The carbon fibre parts are finished in gloss black and looks great.

The white cars paint is smooth and shiny.
Wheels and tires are the same as on the grey one and looks good.
The aero parts such as the front lip spoiler, rear wing, side skirts and wider fenders are well replicated.
The carbon fibre parts are finished in gloss black and has the same quality as the grey car.

The green cars paint is also smooth and shiny and looks amazing in the sun.
On the inside you can see the roll cage which is finished in the same colors as the outside.
Wheels and tires are the same as the other cars.
The carbon fibre parts are finished in a gloss black.

My only complaint is that they are closed/sealed.

Thanks for watching.

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Time for the next car from my collection, AUTOart Aston Martin Vantage V8 in Hyper Red.
The Vantage was presented in 2017 and the deliveries started in June 2018.
It is available as a coupe and a roadster.

The design of the car is inspired by the Vulcan and the James Bond special DB10 that was in the movie Spectre from 2015.
On the inside Aston Martin uses the Mercedes COMAND infotainment system.

The engine is a Mercedes-AMG sourced 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 producing 503 hp ( 375 kW) @ 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 685 Nm ( 505 lb-ft ) @ 2000 rpm and the transmission is either a 7-speed dual clutch manual from Graziano or a 8-speed automatic from ZF.

0-100 km/h (0-62 mp/h) @ 3.6 sec.
Top speed:
314 km/h ( 195 mp/h).

Time for some pics and i start with the real car:

And the model:

And some personal thoughts of the car.
I think that AUTOart has done a good joib replicating the real car.
The paint is amazing, especially in the sun.
The carbon fibre parts seems to be a decal instead of the moulded plastic they normally use and it is really good.
Wheels and tires are also nice with the Pirelli script on the sidedwall.
Brakes and calipers also good.
The interior is mostly black with a small red painted part on the centre console/transmission tunnel.

But here is my biggest gripe for this car and i am not talking about the model but the real thing.
I think that the car itself looks stunning on the outside but i think that the inside looks plasticy and cheap.
When looking at the previous generation of the Vantage the interior of that car is miles away compared to the new one.
If i remember it correctly Aston Martin said that the parts of the interior that you can see, touch and feel are being made with the real thing, meaning if it is carbon fibre thats what you get, if it is wood thats what you get and so on.
Just looking at the instrument cluster/binnacle of the old one that part is made out of billet aluminium and it looks like this:

In my opinion this is how it should look not like the new one.
Of course updated with new graphics.

In a car that is expensive and exclusive it should look the part in every detail.
Just compare it to its closest rival Ferrari Roma that car looks stunning both inside and outside.

Thanks for watching.
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