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Lamborghini Countach 5000S

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Got this Lamb this morning :woohoo :danbana

:woohoo :woohoo :happy :happy :danbana
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Gorgeous!! Congratulations on the new addition.

Seeing this reminded me of one of these (in yellow, though) driving down the freeway here in town a couple of months ago. The license plate read:

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Thanks ricallen :cheers
Congrats :cheers

great model :coolpics
Thanks nadav_86 :cheers
great model, congrats on the new addition :rockon
Great shots and fine car, RG! :cheers
Thanks Nuendo & LUW :cheers :cheers
AUTOart did a great job on this lamb.
nice pics :cheers

looks great in black
Damn, the lambo is great... :nicejob

Can you show more pictures from the interior?? Please. :danbana
Thanks RW :cheers
Yes it does look great in Black.

Thanks MichamelXP :cheers
Here you go 5 interior picz, Drool all you want now :giggle

Thanks Skyliner :cheers
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Good score RG! :cheers I ordered this one from Replicarz' last sale but they had sold out! :cry
That is what I get for waiting too long.
Thanks acisne and MockingBird :cheers :cheers
Black Countach! Nothing looks meaner than that. Nice camera work to get that interior shots. Beautiful. :cheers
Congrats for the ultimate dream machine..
I'm searching for a white Kyosh but they all great :cheers
Congrats on the Countach RG!!! :cheers :cheers :cheers
I've got the Kyosho but rather would have the AUTOart version, I got it when the AUTOart wasn't out yet :ranting :ranting :ranting
Beautiful model! :cheers
:iagree :iagree Nice photos. great Lambo :nicejob
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