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I have two versions of the Kyosho Lamborghini Countach in my collection, the LP500S in red (as you have) the 5000QV in blue (my personal favourite). I hadn't realised that there was a yellow available - one of my favourite Countach colours, ever since I read the following fascinating article in Autocar back in 1987:


Your pictures show off the model very well, and the comparison between this release and the earlier one is excellent. I don't have the AutoArt version, but after reading many reviews, in my view, the AutoArt LP500S has the correct rake on the roof compared to the Kyosho, which appears to incorrectly maintain the LP400 rake. I think Lamborghini did this to increase headroom,

Whatever version you have, it's always been an awesome car and thanks to Kyosho and AutoArt, we collectors can enjoy the shape and details on our desks.
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