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Lamborghini Miura vs Miura vs Miura (Jota)

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Miura comparison between

- Lamborghini Miura SV in yellow / AutoArt
- Lamborghini Miura P400 SV in red / Kyosho
- Lamborghini Miura Jota in black / Kyosho

The Pictures

The Front

Details on the Front

Details on the Front hood


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The Side view

...and up the Hoods

The Back

The Engine

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The Wheels

Some Details

I like more both Kyosho models. Both have more interesting features and details - and both are cheaper than the AUTOart Miura.
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which do u think is the better car, in terms of just stance, correctness to 1:1?

From your amazing photos, it seems the Kyosho trumps the AUTOart in terms of details, by a lot too!

Whoops, forgot to mention this is between the AUTOart and Kyosho Miuras. The Jota I'm getting for sure, just which colour is debatable .....
great model and pics :coolpics I will take the Jota :tongue


Hmmm, good question. AUTOart Miura is somewhat flatter in the front and on the back than Kyosho Miura / Jota.

I think, Kyosho is somewhat closer-to-reality.
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The AUTOart wheels look too big too?

But the Kyosho Miura's back is too low?


I probably get the Kyosho tho, just because it's a lot cheaper...
Great comparison Michael! :cheers
I think exterior-wise AUTOart is a little bit closer to reality. Although its stance is a bit too high, it has the correct front bumper. Kyosho's bumper is too low (too "fat"). Also Kyosho's rear is a little too short in my opinion and its lower front lights look atrocious. I have to say though that the Kyosho, except the steering wheel, has the better detail.
nice comparison here...
i have the Jota by Kyosho and the Miura by Autoart, i quite like the Kyosho one more cos they pack in alot of details and cost slightly less, the only reason i got the Miura by Autoart was that i got it cheap.
Ilike my A/A Muira a lot(with pop-up headlights)but the detail on those Kyosho's is very good........must get the Jota :yahoo
stevie said:
... (with pop-up headlights)...
The Kyosho Miura have it too... :tease
Just what I was going to say :giggle

Now to check out which colours the Kyosho has. It's the same as AUTOart's, but with one or 2 more colours, right?
I do like the Kyosho Colour combo of red/gold wheels, set a trend even before Subaru with there Impreza.

Not to sure which is best, but i did notice you need something to keep the Kyosho front body work up, in this case Michael, i see that you used some folded paper.
Sorry guys i did'nt know that.......as i have not seen one in the flesh so to speak :wink
It's alright, neither did I :giggle

Just from pics on various sites.
Great comparison. I just purchased the AUTOart Miura from Ebay, should be receiving it in a few days. I looked at a ton of pics of the 1:1 while trying to decide which to get. AUTOart's seems to be slightly more accurate, but has a little less detail. My decision was also based on the stance of the cars. Kyosho's stance has the wheels futher inside the body, while AUTOart's are further out (I found 1:1 pics that resembled both though, so this isn't really an inaccuracy, just a preference issue). I also think the AUTOart lights look a little better. Both great models though, it was a tough decision.
For me - both are great!

I like the exterior from AUTOart and the interior / details / engine from Kyosho.
The only thing that really lets me down on Kyosho's model are the lower front lights. Only for that I prefer the AUTOart above the Kyosho.
If I'm not mistaken though, Kyosho will bring out a P400 version too, the less-powered version which also has different lower front lights (1 "square" fog light and 1 round side indicator at each side). It also has the 'eyelashes' around the headlights, which I like :happy

So I think I would go for the Kyosho P400 and the AUTOart SV...
BTW, the Kyosho SV has really the better wheels of the 2 this time :danbana They're stunning!
:coolpics Love your comparison pics! I have both the AUTOart Miura and the Kyosha Jota and both are very good models. The AUTOart, in my opinion, has a better exterior (except the wheels), the paint is flawless and the panel fit is slighly better. However, in terms of detail, Kyosho is far superior! It also has side windows and a working suspension. My only complaint with the Kyosho Jota is the metal strut under the front hood which keeps it from fully opening and being able to appreciate the details there. But I'm not criticizing the AUTOart, as I said, both are exelent.
Can we get some more pics for this topic?
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