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Lamborghini Murcielago

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Hi, this will be very first review for DX. It's for Maisto's Lambo Murcielago in Metallic Yellow

Paint: 5.5/8

The metallic yellow paint is applied OK. There are a few small bumps along the various parts of the model but they are only noticeable to the trained eye. However, I did discover that there is almost bare metal along the inside of the scissor doors and on the hinges. As well, inside the (non-functional) upper air-intakes, on the bumper, and along the "running boards" leading to the lower side air intakes, the paint thins considerably.

Exterior: 4.5/8

Looks OK from far away, but when you move in there are some noticeable faults. The lights look quite good, with lots of detail for a budget model. Panel gaps are quite tight, although I feel the trunk at the front sticks up a bit, and takes away from the model's realism. The side turning lamps are painted on, but I feel it is unreasonable to dock marks off here because even AUTOart's version did not manage to accomplish this. The lower side air intake is not modelled well and looks uneven and bad. The side-view mirrors are plastic and are quite floppy when pushed, but the windshield wiper is highly-detailed and looks great. The rear lights are very nicely done and look comparable to AUTOart's. The license plate sticker is applied quite well, but the exhaust pipes are chromed unrealistically and are not fully hollow. The doors use unnoticeable hinges and stay up at their full altitude.
The engine cover is also made of metal, a pro that even AUTOart did not do! (theirs is plastic)
The major blunder of this model is the over-excessive use of stickers and paint. The air ducts at the front and back of the model are ok for a budget model, but still are unrealistic. On the other hand, the Lamborghini logo on the trunk (sticker) looks believable, but the backlight is simulated horribly with red paint. The door locks and handles are also painted on and look terrible. Another let-down are the non-functional flip-up air intakes by the engine and the fixed rear spoiler, but these things should not be expected from a budget modeller like Maisto.

Interior: 7/8

This is probably the model's best part. The interior is done in a rich black colour, complete with soft, high-quality plastic used for the seats and nicely detailed dash and gear shifter. The instruments behind the nicely-replicated steering wheel are replicated using a single sticker; however it looks very good and life-like. The floor, unfortunately is not carpeted even though floor mats are present. But there is on thing that bugs me: I can only see 2 pedals! This Murci is not an E-Gear version because it has Lamborghini's giant trademark gear-shifter, but it seems to be missing a clutch! I could be mistaken (please PM me if I am wrong) but there is only an accelerator and brake pedal.

Wheels/Brakes: 4/6

The wheels look very detailed, with impressive rims and realistic brake callipers. Tires are even correctly marked P-Zero. However, the brake discs use too much chrome and are not drilled. Also, the discs and callipers are fixed while the wheel turns, expected from Maisto.

Engine and Undercarriage: 7/8

I do not know much about how the real car's undercarriage looks like, so I will not rate Maisto's attempt. The engine: very nice detail for the price. Excellent effort at trying to replicate the complex carbon fibre pattern. Logos are present, and the assortment of colours looks nice. There is a lot of depth too; shining a flashlight under the engine block, one can see a nice try at plumbing.

Competition: 4/6

Many companies replicate the Murcielago apart from Maisto, including Welly, Mattel, and AUTOart. Of course, AUTOart's version is the best, but it's much more expensive. Looking at pictures of the Welly Murci and comparing them to my Maisto and my friend's Mattel, I feel that Maisto's is the best.

Desirability: 3/6

This model is not rare and therefore can be found at many places apart from hobby shops. I, myself bought at a grocery store (The Real Canadian Superstore) for only $15 CDN, which is only tad more than $10 USD. Good deal, but because of all the other Murci competition, average desirability.

Total: 35/50

Pictures can be viewed here:

http://www.please support DX Advertisers!/store/Makes/L...elago/MA31638YE[/URL]

Review added to the DX Model Review Database on 02-APR-2004
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Thanks for that review mclarenxj220. :cheers :cheers

Just one side point regarding the interior. Do you find the gear shift knob a tad big or do you find it okay?
Nice review :iagree :nicejob
Thanks for posting this :cheers
o forgot to mention this, SM: the gear shift is actually in-scale! Unlike Maisto's newer releases (aka Gallardo and Carrera GT Prod. Version), the gear shifter is not bigger than the steering wheel. Why does Maisto make them so darned huge anyway? =S
Thanks for the review! The Murcielago is :cool1!
Thanks mclaren! :cheers
I'm trying to decide if I get Ma's version or AUTOart's, and after this I think Ma is maybe on the lead.
Thanks again for the review. :cheers
Have you got a picture of the interior of the Carrera GT (production version) to show just how off scale the gear shifter is?
Thanks for the review :cheers
castrol_supra_gt: here is a pic for you--

http://please support DX Advertisers!/store/Makes/Porsc.../ma36665bkf.jpg[/URL]
Thanks for the pic, mclarenxj220. :cheers
That gear shifter truly is horrific! :eek:hmy
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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