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Lara Croft Tomb Raider...

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Do anyone know if these are custom pieces or are they already made like this.

I found them on Master-works.net, so that leads me to believe these are some one creations.
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Could be stock, but it doesn't look so. There is a kind of diorama with her against a croc and it doesn't look half as good as this, so that's why yours looks like a custom job to me.
Very cool!! Now I've got tunes from the Tomb Raider soudnstrack running through my head. :giggle
This is definitely a build-up/custom diorama. :cheers

There are several TR toys out there, but they're mostly vinyl & PVCs. Nothing like this. :cheers
so someone bulit this form scratch????

or modified an existing product?
The site I found these at are a site for plastic kit builders. Thhere gallery had similar work, so I am lead to believe this is someones work. Whether or not it is a kit, I don't know.

But its great work :cheers
Whatever it is, it is certainly awesome!!
nice :danbana
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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