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Latest acquisition: My first handbuilt model

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After a long time of hunting for the Courage C60 #17 from the 2003 Le Mans, I finally found one!! :yahoo :yahoo I had been searching for one made by Spark Model but I had very little luck finding one of eBay. Many of the bigger diecast stores I dealt in Canada and the US with said that model was no longer in production so they couldn't even order it for me.

Last week, I saw one on eBay but it wasn't made by Spark Model. Instead it was a handbuilt model of a Provence Moulage kit. The builder of the kit is a company named 'Chequered Flag Studios' (no idea of where they're located). I was the only bidder so I'm very happy with the price I got it for. :happy :happy

I'm really not expecting to buy any more handbuilt kits because they're aren't all that cheap.

eBay vendor's photo

A better photo of the #18 sister car off mamfa.com's website (France)

You may be able to tell I kind of like this car seeing that I got some screen grabs off GT4. :giggle
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Nice looking car Felix
But I can't wait to see your pictures of it.
Good looking car! Congrats!

I dont think the photo is good though, the green isn't bright.
I agree BURN. Maybe there wasn't quite as much interest in the auction because of that? Without proper lighting, some colours are quite hard to show accurately in photos.

Dennis: Thanks!
Felix, Quite a looker this model is. Does handbuilt mean its made of resin.
Nice looking Model!!! :cheers
I'm virtually certain that's what it is. FYI...Spark Models are also made of resin & not a diecast per se.
Oh! I never knew that Sparks were resin too. The Dome in your siggy always stirs me up everytime I look at it.
Never seen a resin model till now. Do they feel as durable as the diecast ones. Would you wax them if you had to?
WOW the colour scheme of that car is awesome Felix, Congrats Sir, also looking forward to hearing of its quality when its in you hands.

The Dome S101 is made by Ebbro. That is an actual diecast. I'm not sure if I'd wax it. I think I'd want a 'tester car' to try that out on first.

The 3 resin models made by Spark I have feel every bit as durable as the 1:43 diecasts. The paint on them is every bit as good too. As I don't have a really trained eye for 1:43 models, I'd have a lot of trouble telling resin models apart from true diecasts.
Thanks Mike. Yves Courage has been entering cars into the Le Mans for quite a number of years after all his years racing there. of the various livery among his team's cars, this blue/green livery has always been my favourite. Its colours are really vivid. The car should be shipped from the UK vendor today or tomorrow. I hope to get it in ~2 weeks. Pics of course will follow shortly! :wink
cobalt & nadav: Thanks for the nice words.
Very nice Felix Open proto's rock! :happy :eek:k Now who do we go for to get it in 1:18??? :pullhair :lol
Just double checked the other cars in our gallery Felix and you sure must be having a tough time making them out from resin or diecast. Doesnt matter. Gems are gems and those are some of the finest.
To the best of my knowledge, Kyosho and Maisto were the only ones to make open protos. There are only the BMW V12 LMR and various Audi R8 cars. What a shame eh? :cry
Congrats Felix! Looking forward to seeing pictures of it! :cheers
Congratulations on your first handbuilt model!! It looks very nice in real life so it looks the same as a model!

As for waxing resin I don't see why not. The resin is covered by the paint so you would be waxing the paint right? If you wanted to wax it however I would recomend using fine model wax or if you have to use automotive wax use Xymol.
Very Nice.

Thought you may appreciate this:

Courage Info
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Cool car Felix, I really like the colors :nicejob
Congrats :cheers

I wonder why they call them "handbuilt"?
Aren't all diecasts handbuilt :confused
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