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Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Car
Hood Automotive design Automotive lighting Communication Device Bumper
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood
Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Automotive lighting

Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Automotive design

Vehicle Wheel Tire Automotive tire Car
Automotive lighting Hood Grille Vehicle Motor vehicle

Grille Blue Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting

Vehicle Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Car

Blue Hood Automotive lighting Light Motor vehicle

Automotive parking light Wheel Car Vehicle Tire

Had this for 5 months now, still a joy to look at! 41 Usd doesn’t sound too bad for a Pagani in 1:43, CFs, paint, and details are done very nicely and the roof is also detachable although the exhausts are slightly crooked. Will definitely add the red Huayra Roadster soon just for the sake of having another hypercar in my collection


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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