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le mans 1:43

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I am Mike, live in The Netherlands and am new to this forum.

I collect Le Mans and endurance racing cars in the scale 1/43. I have over 380 modelcars, and about 70% of them can be seen on my website. Please have a look at Le Mans models.

The site is in dutch , except for the startingpage which is also in English, but i think you will understand most of it anyway :coolpics .
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:welcome Mike, good to see another Mike here at DX :giggle

Are most of your cars are 1:43? as I can not read Dutch sorry.

awesome collection.

love your 1:43 Nissen's Felix has posted above :woohoo

thanks so much for showing us your wonderful collection, look forward to reading & seeing more of your post's.

1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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