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While a lot of us are waiting for the Mazda 787B, I thought I would grab the new AUTOart, RX8 in the 787B 1991 Lemans winner livery, the model is individually numbered, comes with a C.O.A. & is a limited edition of 3000.
It is my only RX8 and I was in two minds about it, as its one of them cars you either like it or dont, I am one of those who liked it, I just love the BBS wheels & as its something different it fits into my collection nicely :wink

(Click the small Mazda to make it bigger)


Wow! This car is hot! :tongue

Congrats on bagging this puppy, Mike! :cheers

Looks like another "must have", especially if you're going to collect the 787B.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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