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Le Mans Mazda

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While a lot of us are waiting for the Mazda 787B, I thought I would grab the new AUTOart, RX8 in the 787B 1991 Lemans winner livery, the model is individually numbered, comes with a C.O.A. & is a limited edition of 3000.
It is my only RX8 and I was in two minds about it, as its one of them cars you either like it or dont, I am one of those who liked it, I just love the BBS wheels & as its something different it fits into my collection nicely :wink

(Click the small Mazda to make it bigger)

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congrats Mike! Amazing livery! :cheers

I'm holding out for the 787B as well.
just curious as to pricing for this LE RX8. Is it significantly higher priced than the normal AUTOart RX8? It's 100USD on AUTOart's site!
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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