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Lexus SC-430

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Need some input on this project, mainly on the interior color. I am tired of doing almost every interior in black or partly black. Right now, the interior of this car is tan. . . Here is a pic of the car straight out of the box. Those are some b*tt ugly wheels right there. . .
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Here is a test fit shot for the new wheels, sans brake discs. . . :feedback
I prefer the size it has, I just put on some 1:24 import racer rims:

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What did you take them off of? Mine look a little big, but they are all I have. . .
I used the 1:24 import racer rims, they measure about 18 inches IRL so you can use the stock tires with em.
if you want to stick with your swaped rims.. itll be better if the wheels can go under the guards (tuck in properly) so they dont stick out.

just a 2nd opinion :)
Yeah, I'd like to tuck them in, only a couple problems with that. A: I'll have to chop some off the brake discs, and B: I would have to trim the mounting shaft on the wheels. I haven't figured out a good way to do that yet. I've already cut them off even with the edge of the rim. . . I need another 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch to get them inside the fender well. . .
And out comes the Dremel. . . Here is the revised test fit with the wheels recessed into the fender wells. . . :feedback
Hmmm...I agree the stock wheels are kinda boring, but I'm just not a fan of the huge wheel/rubber band tire look. As for the interior, it might not look bad in dark brown or butterscotch (or maybe a combination of the two), or better yet, light grey (a sort of cement color).
I hadn't thought of grey. That is a color, that, the more I think about it, might be exactly what I use. Thanks Mox!
New wheels. Thanks for the idea gafotes. A 1:24th import racer was what I used, plus I have an extra set for something else. . .
Yes - in my opinion the 1:24 wheels look the best. Not too big, but more agressive than the originals.

As for the interior have you considered maroon/dark red seats and door inserts, with gray trim (dashboard, centre console, etc).

Those look sweet! :phat Good choice of rims, looks real blingin now :wink
Looks much better with the 1:24 rims, now just de-chrome em.. :giggle
Update: The interior is done, all I have to do is finish the engine insert and detail the undercarriage. . .
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