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I hope this question hasn't already been asked,i used the search but couldn't find it.

So i'd like to make some of my models look more realistic by putting "real" license plates on them , does anybody have experience with this ? where to find them ? i want to make them myself , i already found a site who sells them but pfff
i prefer german license plates

thanks !

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Cigarette1 said:
Ronan said:
Check out this German site:


They seem to do German and US plates, and will I think make up any type you want.
yep that's the site i was talking about :) but i'd like to do them myself since i don't know whether their plates will fit on my AUTOart's and kyosho's
I think they are quite expensive too! If you figure out a way to make your own please let us know as I'd love to be able to do so as well. I'd especially like to make some UK style plates (for my Bond cars that don't have plates) and also some Irish plates (european style plates, black on white with the blue Euro bar at the side) too for a number of my own cars.

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first i'd like to thank you all for replying ! :cool1

i'm working on my license plates at the moment

check this :feedback

it's for my 1/18 kyosho CSL M for munchen or Motorsport CSL and 360 for BHP

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StygianMax said:
You might want to improvise from acisne's sign-making idea
Thanks for the feedback. I have been using the Acme web site for some time.
I just make the plate and copy/paste it into Corel Draw or PS. I usually print them in several sizes as all the size of the license plate holder varies from make to make. Here is a pic of some cut and uncut plates. Another reason to print several is that the curved cut it a b***h to make and some will not look right at times.

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i made some plates out of thin card board since im in australia in nsw i used only 6 digits or letters so far i have made
HVA-TOS (have a toss)
WHY-TRY (why try it)
YTRY-IT (why try it)
CME-FLY (see me fly)
ULO-OKD (you looked)
EZE-8S (eazy 8s)
LOW-8S (low 8s)
LOR-YDA (low rider)
12E-NVY (one to envy)
OUN-VME (oh you envy me)
2FS-T4U (too fast for you)
COP-B8 (cop bait)
OUR-SLO (oh your slow)
FST-ONE (fast one)
HSV-2LO (hsv too low)

and thats only to name a few i have heaps more they r white back ground with black letters and/or numbers with nsw going down on the side they look pritty good i just have mine sitting on the inside of the windscreen when you make them make sure you make 2 lots so you have 2 number plates i have got 2 of everything so if you not want to mark the paint work some how u can just put them on the inside of the windscreen on the dash and if its a sedan put it on the parcelshelf thats what i have done with my clubsport i would say you try make the plates the same as where u r from or if u want u could make them to suit the model say if its a japanese car you could try do it in japanese and put it on the car or if its american u could find a state u like or what ever state the car u got it from or if its NYPD police type cars u could do it in the nypd number plate style your best bet to get the proper number plates is to find a site for your place where u get your licence's from and see if that webpage has a number plate making part on it to see if the plates r taken or not and what you do is just make the number plate u want with the style and then print screen save in paint and fix it up go in to photoshop and make it smaller till it is the right size for the number plate very eazy when done :) hope this helps you a little bit

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Printing plates on card stock (same stuff they make business cards out of) works really good too. You can get it fairly cheap, you can run it through an ink jet printer and that way you don't have to cut up an aluminum can because it's thick enough to just use by itself.

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if u want the australian plates just go to
you can make your own plates on there its a place to buy plates from but if you want to make your own then just make them on that but you have to print screen save in paint or photoshop then resize it..
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