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This was a Bburago 356, cant remember what year but the customers was an earlier 1600 version and a right hand drive so this meant I had to change a few things. If you own the diecast and look at the rear you will see what I did. I believe the turn signal lights were removed ?? along with modifying the bumpers, the single deck grill in place of the two and a repaint. Inside was just carpeted, reshot the right color and converted from left hand drive to right hand drive. No, I didnt not make the steering work as that customer didnt want to spend the extra for me to do that. Its a display piece in a case now and the fronts are posable which is all he wanted. Looks like I covered the headlights with wire too.

I will again post pictures in a couple replys till have time to do the photobucket thing.

Thanks for the look.

rear of the car



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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