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I'm Not Sure This Belongs Here, But I'm Looking For A High-end Model Similar To An AUTOart (All My Models are Budget). I've Looked at AUTOart's Alfa 4C and Scion FR-S But I'm Willing To Take Suggestions.​

Here are My Rules/Limits:​
-Must Be Under $150 Or about 100 British Pounds.​
-No Antennas (They'll Break During Field Photoshoots)​
-Preferably Made Of Metal Or Plastic (Please, No Resin Models)​
-Must Be New (Direct From Manufacturer)​
Arigato gozaimasu!
Found a Good Website that Carries What I Want.​
I'm Now Trying To Decide Wether I Should Drop The AUTOart Idea And Get A Similar Kyosho Or Hotwheels Elite.​

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Sadly we can't see your pictures. You will probably have to use a host service such as imgur or flickr.

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Ebay is a great place for searching and offers the largest overview on the market that you can find.
You don't neccessarily need to buy there but at least you can look whether there is something that fits your wishes...

You should limit your eBay search by appropriate filtering - e.g. the brands mentioned above, max price you are willing to pay, new condition and so on.
By scanning the results you can find out what is really tempting you.

Once you have decided for a specific model can can start to search in the entire web for the best offer.
(In many cases you will find that it's not eBay...)
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