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Looking for any advice on a mod

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I am going to try and remove all the graphics off a spare CLK DTM by Maisto.
I remeber a few people here doing this mod.
Has anyone figured out how to get the tampos off the windshied?

Any areas I need to be careful on while doing the body?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :cheers
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:iagree That'll be one of my Christmans vacation projects with SM Jr. I'd love some insights on that also.

Thanks in advance!
Its going to be hard to remove that windshield tampo without leaving residue, I say this from experience.

I would say NPR is going to be the only choice. But be careful as when I used NPR to remove a tampo, it smeared on to the windhsield. While cleaning it up, it left a dull windshield.
Try acetone-free NPR applied with a Q-tip and wiped off quickly... multiple applications of course. If the window fogs, try using Novus polish or similar fine polish for plastic to clear it up.
Quick question on the "acetone free NPR"...

Does this particular NPR come in certain colors...I have always been confused on that.
Mine is pink but not sure if the color matters.
It will say non-acetone right on the label.
Where can one find this Novus polish from? Modelling stores?
Thanks for the clarification Jeff.
Felix, any hobby store should have it.
You can get 3 different strengths of it with #1 being the most mild.
Also for removing the tampos off the windshields try using some thick toothpaste and an old toothbrush or your fhumb and apply a little pressure to get it to come off... Ive got pics of a bonnet that I removed the tampos off of with it somewhere... I will post them up or find the link

You will need to support the back of the screen to stop it from cracking with the back of your hand
Jeff, have you done this on windows yet?
Thanks Ben!
I thought about trying that.
The one time I tried it I didn't have the best results with the toothpaste and had to clean it up with NPR.
It wasn't a diecast, it was a plastic clock stand with a company logo I wanted to remove.
a toothpaste with baking powder in it (or some paking powder made into a paste) will work well... that is what I used
Thanks :cheers
Thanks for that info Jeff.
I bought some NPR today. Apparently, there's the pink solution and blue stuff also. I thought being a guy, blue would be the better choice....until I read the label to see that it was bubble-gum scented. :badidea I didn't think my son would be too happy about his CLK GTR smelling like gum . :lol

Anyway, tonight, my son & I had a blast of a time cleaning off the tampos. :happy We haven't done the windshields yet. The black spoiler and front air splitter has hazed over with a grayish look. :confused The rear bumper fascia has a black mark that is not wanting to come off anytime soon either. :confused :confused It looks like a car left a nasty black bumper mark on it. **grumble** Apart from that, SM Jr thinks the car looks really decent. :happy
Any Pics?
Not yet Jeff.

I'm buffing the swirl marks out of my windows with Meguiar's "Plastix" and that stuff works really well. Of course I've used up half the household's supply of Q-Tips cotton swabs. You should see the bottom of my garbage can. :lol :lol
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