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Here's my first review, on the Lotus Elise 111S from Jadi Modelcraft!


The paint is very good, everything is covered nice and the layer is not too thick. This model had unfortunately the same stickers on the bonnet as most AUTOart's have when you buy them. Getting there off did a damage to my piece, I hate that!



The exterior for this cheap model ($ 30 for me) is just awesome. The lights front and rear are veru very accurate (UT Models level), the door handles are painted and there's a hole in the body for them. Direction lights and grilles are also very nice fitted. There's even a seperate plastic roof with nice matt color, you can take it off also!
The grilles are all completely '3D' and not just plastic things with a shape.
Radio antenna is fitted, the exhausts are great! Very good score here because the bodyparts fit very good also!



Again a very high detail level, you can see the Lotus logo on the steeringwheel, the dials are 'almost readable'. The pedals are seperate and painted in the right colors. Unfortunately the seats are a bit shiney as well as the inner door panels. Handbrake and gearstick are painted well.



The rims are just great, nicely painted and the Lotus logo is on them. The tires are even better, the tyre treading is very very nice and on the right depth. They don't shine either. The ok looking brake discs are fixed to the calipers and don't turn with the wheels.



The engine is the weakest part of the car. It's a few pieces of plastic with nice paint on them. All logo's are on the parts. The luggage space has a shiny bottom which it should not be. There's a metal pin that helps the hood standing too. nder the car everything is grey, you can't see the engine (don't know if the real thing looks the same).



The only competition comes from Revell, it is the same model with a different name I would say. The Revell was released later then the Jadi also.



You don't see this new model in many stores. You hear nobody discussing about it. This though should be at least as popular as the Ford GT from Beanstalk. The quality is very good too.



I would say this is a very very good model. And really for its pice. It made it next to the AUTOart's and Kyosho's in my display. A MUST HAVE for every supercar collector.

This model is very nice to make pictures of from all angles and its shape is just perfect.

It's a pitty that Jadi does not make a lot of models. As far as I know this is their only car at the moment.

:gdi: :gdi: :gdi:


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Congrats on the model and thanx for the review Rico! :mrgreen:
Actually the Lotuses from Jadi and Revell ARE the same, only under a different brand name. It's the same thing as Universal Hobbies / Revell / Eagle's Race

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Thanks for the reply's!

Dang, I knew this free image hosting was restricted somewhere :cry:
Next review will contain pics without a badwidth limit (All UT F355's will be the next review)

EDIT: Links fixed, moved to another site, enjoy!

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Nice review and pics. I was thinking about the Elise as a third car but I'm too conservative to accept the very very very impractical nature of the car. However, it does drive great.

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Great review :sm:

I have the yellow version and its a fantastic model for what it costs
Jadi did a good job on this one
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