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Here's my next review guys! Enjoy it :cheers


The layer thickness is just right. The right colors are in the right places with the right shinyness. And incredible detail on the tampos. The tampos are in the right places nice and straight.



The car is on the right size and the shape is perfect. You can see from a distance which parts can be opened and which can't. Not that the panel gaps are too large, but the gaps are much darker than the others.
There's many parts on the car, bumpers inthe right black matt color and beautiful lights! The windows are the best I ever saw on a scale model yet. Very nice door handles and the bonnet is matt black as it should be. No mistakes on the exterior...



The interior is carpeted, I really like the red carpet in the white Esprit. The black one has a beige interior. The seats have no seatbelts but the leather is very good simulated in the plastic.
There remain a few shapr edges and incompete parts in the interior. But the detail is without a doubt of AutoArt quality. Especially the use of colors is very nice!



The wheels are the best part of this car. The tires are branded and have a detailed tread. The rims outer section is chrome and the inner section is matt gold. On the silver bolt in the middle is a Lotus logo. The other bolts are also painted silver.
There are discs but you can barely see them because of the spokes, there's no calipers either (I think).



The engine is made from enough seperate parts. The painting is very accurate and you can see Turbo written on the engine. Under the car you can see the bottom of the engine and the gearbox. The suspension is there too. You can see the chromed exhaust coming from the engine. On the fron are 3 air vents and nice suspension. Enough engine detail for a model in this price class, no doubts at all.



No other manfacturers make this model, and that makes it unique.



Every collector of sportscars needs this in their collection. The models are not always easy to find, but the las 2 weeks they are on sale in all kinds of places. I think AUTOart offered their last ones for low prices. If you still need one, get it now. It's available for around $ 45,- and they will be a lot sought after in the future.



I think these are awesome models, the detail is very good and the prices are not too high for an AutoArt. It really looks great with a Ferrari 328 and a DMC DeLorean together (for example). This is really a MUST HAVE for every sports car/exotic collector! I bought 2 of them, and I really want the blue one.
The best thing about this car is the rear, I just love that a** :happy

AutoArt also made the James Bond version of it from the movie. The brown one with the skis on the roof.

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Great review Rico, one of those has been on my list for quite a while......your review shows exactly why it's there. :cheers :cheers :cheers

29,95 Euro eh.....Hmmmm......what to do :confused :confused :confused

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great review and thanks :cheers

I really should buy the black one, it's on special atm :danbanna
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