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The M-B CLK LM (1/18, Autoart), FIA GT champion 1998, has arrived. I was a bit surprised, because it was not advertised as the "Bye, Bye Ludwig" version (see the photo, where you can see the roof of the model) and considering the prices of this version I did not even try to buy it and I would be satisfied with the normal version. Then, because I did not study the CLK GTR/LM models beforehand, I did not even know if it was a GTR or an LM. And yes, it has V8, which is the LM (although the model box says GTR), which was driven in most of the championships in 1998. Compared to the MC12, the 2010 FIA GT1 champion, which is from the Signature series, you can see the difference in quality, but still the CLK LM is very good.
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