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M3 E30 AutoArt vs Minichamps

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I took some photos of my M3 E30 from AUTOart with my friend M3 from Minichamps

They are bit diffrent, as the Minichamps is a regular M3 and the AUTOart is an EvoIII version..
Qulity is very good on both models, couldn't decide which one is better, althought we shouldn't prefer one over another because they are diffrent cars..

Here are the results: :cheers

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If I know which car is which I am thinking the AUTOart is the nicer car.
Of course I am not 100% positve which car is the AUTOart
Oh... :lol
look at the license plates:
M-ST 7172 = AutoArt
M-ME 330 = MiniChamps

If you want only one of those E30's, wait for the Cecoto version and than decide.. :cool
I had it right then :giggle
thanks Alon and great pics :coolpics

AUTOart looks better than Minichamps :tongue
Great comparison here !!! :coolpics

What were the differences between the regular M3 and the Evo III (real cars)?
Thanks for the excellent comparison pics Alon. I've always wanted to see them side-by-side. I still think the kidney grill on the AUTOart is a little bit big. I have a black Minichamps and looking forward to the Cecetto edition M3 from AUTOart.

Here is an explaination of the different E30 M3's.

Thank's guys..

More pics of models coming!!

I hope the photos are fine now..computer said 35-45KB each :cheers
:cheers EXCELLENT MODELS & PICS :cheers
------------------------------------------------------ :cheers
The more I look at it the minichamps E30 seems to be getting knocked left, right and center by the AUTOart
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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