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Maisto 2004 911 Turbo Cabriolet

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The paint is smooth, with minimal orange peel & some very tiny paint dimples. It has good coverage on the outside, but once you start to open everything up, you can see some of the bare metal & where the coverage isn't the best(this is a budget model though). The windscreen is a slightly different yellow then the rest of the car because its plastic.The emblems/badges are done with tampos and are very nicely done. I could read all of them except for the emblem on the trunk(front bonnet).


The gaps between the doors, hood and trunk are all slightly uneven, but not bad considering the price standpoint. The drivers side headlight doesn't sit flush with the body & the boot sits down a little and you can see some of the yellow paint underneath. The only plastic exterior body parts are the rear wing the is supposed to raise at speed(this doesn't move however) & the winshield surround. The bumpers & side inlets are all molded into the body. Maisto did a good job on getting the shape of the 996 down. I don't like how the rear lights are mounted. The mounting pin is very noticable.



Maisto is getting better when it comes to interiors. The dash buttons are simulated with tampos, the seat belt buttons are all painted red, the gauges are represented by a sticker, even the door panels are nicely done. The only fault is that you can see part of the body inbetween the floorboard & door panels. The seats are made of a softer material then the dash & floorboards.



The 5 spoke wheels are done very well, with "turbo" script in the centers. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sport , 225/40/18 front & 295/30/18 rears. The calipers are painted red with the Porsche script & the rotors have black dots simulating drilled rotors. The calipers are molded into the discs and don't turn with the wheels(typical with Maistos).



The engine is one piece of plastic. Details are minimal & the "hood" has a fan placed on it with some engine/warning tampos. The chassis is OK, and the bottom of the engine is molded in to the rear suspension & rear of the car. The exhaust is made by 1 molded chrome piece, but they did paint the insides of the exhaust tips black.



No one else makes the 911 Turbo Cab yet(maybe Welly & AUTOart are next?), but there are plenty of manufacturers making different 996 variations. Burago , Welly & AUTOart make the 996 TT in coupe form.



The quality of this model is very good for a Maisto. This isn't a rare car, and easily available on Ebay & a well stocked diecast dealer. I've looked for these in stores and haven't ever found one yet.



If you like Porsches and like the looks of the 996 or Turbo models, this is the one to get , unless AUTOart comes out with one. Then again, the AUTOart will be about 3 times the price. For a budget model, this is a good buy.


Now, for the pics....
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interior #2 , note the newer style door hinges, no more dog-legs
Last one . I really don't like how the mounting pin goes right through the middle of the rear lights.
Nice review Scott. :cheers
Great review Scott! :cheers

Nice pics as well! :drool

Looks like Maisto is improving their brake detail a little, now if only they could seperate the discs from the calipers!
Thanks for posting this review as I have been looking to find one. Now I have an idea as to what I'll be getting.

:bowdown Scott! Thanks for the review!

1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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