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Maisto Audi R8R LM 1999

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Here's the next review. This one is for the Audi R8R Le Mans 1999. Next week I'll review the R8 Le Mans Sieger 2000 (also by Maisto).

Quite good for a three-year-old Maisto. The sponsor logos are actually applied by tampo-painting. There are a few rough edges and the unpainted areas are easy to notice, especially on the underside of the engine cover. However with time, the painted font Audi Sport Team Joest just after the side mirrors is susceptible to rubbing off.

The model is to scale and proportionate. However the fit between the engine cover and the rest of the bodywork is very poor. The black coloured bodywork is plastic, not metal (which is rather disappointing). The lights (both head and tail) are well simulated and the air vents on the engine cover are actual holes. The front air dam isn't perforated but the plastic is moulded to look so. The air intakes on the sidepods are actually moulded with the metal used for the engine cover, which is a nice touch and they are hollow.


As this is a model of a racing car, you wouldn't expect a Michelangelo of an interior but Maisto spent a lot of time reproducing it. The controls on the dashboard and steering wheel are very well defined by moulding and painting. Seatbelts are included and the seat is realistic although it lacks the felt-like feel. The biggest let down of the interior is the pedals - they aren't separate pieces but rather just a chrome piece of plastic shaped like an "E" rotated 90 degrees to the left.

The OZ Racing wheels are very well simulated although the tyres are unbranded. The brakes are unrealistic; however, as they sit too far back in the wheel and the brake discs are chrome rather than the correct graphite-like colour. Also the brake calipers are fixed to the discs so the brake discs do not rotate with the wheels.


For a fairly old Maisto, the engine is rather well detailed. The most of the external engine parts can be clearly identified and the (non-functional) suspension is nicely simulated. The carbon-fibre effect is simulated by ridges in the plastic. However there are still some faults: There are many clearly visible moulding lines around the engine parts and the radiator is chrome (incorrectly coloured) and there are large panel gaps between the metal body and the plastic undertray. There is virtually no undercarriage detail to speak of but this is accurate since the undertray of all modern Le Mans Prototypes is generally flat.

Put simply, no other manufacturer makes the R8R in 1/18 scale so Maisto has complete exclusivity.

The quality is fair and the model is hardly rare - even stores that specialise in car accessories sell these.

Maisto made an honestly good attempt at making the R8R. It has several faults but it is a decent model. It certainly doesn't compare to any of AUTOart's sportscars but it is still a model worthy of most budget model collectors.

Total Score - 32/50

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Thanks for posting the review. :mrgreen:
Thx for the review! I have their R8 and your ratings pretty much reflect my sentiments about it.
Another nice review, Darren. I'll likely pick up one of these Audis, one of these days.
I had this one and let it get away :cry:
Great job on the review! :jk:
Nice review!

By the way, did you guys notice something different about the car in the pictures? ;-)
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