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Normally , I wouldn't have bought this car, but its going to end up with CHP decals on the side soon.


The paint isn't too bad. There was a couple of dirt nibs in spots, some orange peel & heavy in front of the doors.



All the tampos were very wel done. The only exception are the "Z" tampos in front of the doors, they weren't centered & off to the left a little. The side marker lights beneath the "Z" side emblems aren't painted. All of the panels come together nicely, no major fitment problems or large gaps.



Maisto is getting better with their tampos. The buttons & gauges on the dash have a good look to them, but not up to AUTOart standards. The insrument cluster is a sticker. The doors have the newer style hinges, not like the older "dog leg" style . The interior is all plastic, with the seats being of a softer plastic (maybe a hard rubber ? - they are like the seats in the Cobra R).



THe wheels are decent, typical Maisto wheels, decent detail. The discs are painted silver and the gold calipers have "Brembo" tampos on them. The calipers & brake discs are 1 piece items and don't move with the wheels.



I was very disappointed when I opened the engine bay of the 350Z. The whole engine bay is just a molded piece of plastic. I guess if Maisto thinks AUTOart can getaway with producing models with no opening parts, Maisto can getaway with this. I hate when manufacturers do this, especially like most of the UT models(at least those are more detailed & have a carpeted interior). Engines should be seperate pieces then the rest of the model. Chassis detail is next to nil. The exhaust is chrome(WOOHOO!), it has the working suspension, front suspension is 1 molded piece, just like the rear . With some painting, the rear suspension might look a little better.

1/8 (I'd rate it a big fat "0", but I guess it has some detail)


Lets see, Welly makes one, so does AUTOart, then Hot Wheels & even Yat Ming.



Not really rare and you can probably find them at Sams Club for $9.99.



If you're looking for a cheap 350Z to add to your collection, here it is.


Next will be the Gallardo, maybe tommorrow.or

Actually looks like a good model, but the engine detail is definitely lacking. I'm quite content with my AUTOart.

Thanks for the review.

I just looked at this model in the store over the weekend and found it to be nice considering the pricing.

thanks for the review. :mrgreen:

i feel like buying this cos i can't afford the AUTOart version....
lower the suspension abit, paint the rims black or gunmetal and mayber try and add in windows....
Excellent idea. Gunmetal rims would look great. Post pics please when you're done. I don't have a Z yet. I'm holding off for a black RHD Fairlady version but AUTOart isn't making that yet. I'm trying to have all Japanese 1:18 in RHD.
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