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for along time, i was trying to find this color of 2CV (in my country). and at last, i got it .

i would like to say first that : i modded the engine for a little bit with some wires.
and i will keep modding the 2CV after this review
the model as most of you know, made by maisto and its very amusing model.
the paint is fine. interior is very plain, but the real car is also very plain at the moment. the seats are covered with cloth and it looks very cute :) the tires are fine but they have no brand. rims are mat plastic but not bad any way. the engine is soo simple and plastic. thats why i made some little mods on it. the suspensions are fine and looks real like. there is no back lights and i dont know why

so i can say, it takes 7/10 on my opinion not bad for a cheap model.

here are the pics, hope you will like it :

engine detail before the mod :

this pic. shows for the preparing for modding. the picture on the scree of laptop is for the real cars engine detail...

more pics : http://photobucket.com/albums/y168/alpkop/..._2cv_fine_pics/

Added to DX Model Review Database v2.0

No back lights strange.. :confused
Nice modd and I could bye that model just for the seats they rock..
Lovely car congrats :coolpics :cheers ..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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