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Maisto Disapointments...

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I just wanted to share my feelings on 2 Maisto new releases. They are the Chevy Nomad and the Studebaker Starliner. I waited almost a year for these models to be released (The Nomad is one of my all time favorite cars), and I still haven't purchased them, but not because I can't.

These are the worst models I have come across I believe. Just from looking through the box, I turned them down. I'm very disapointed with these Maisto releases. It's like they've taken 5 steps BACK in quality and detail. If you look at alot of Maistos that were around last year, and compare, these models are worse than old Yat Ming models. I think that is saying something, because Maisto used to be a great "budget" manufacturer.

First, the interior roofs are not only unfinished, but they are so unfinished it is pathetic. The Nomad has a off white (more like light tan) roof which is plastic, so when you look at the interior roof of the Nomad, you see the red metal outline of the interior followed by the white roof in the middle. Horrible. The interior, which is red and white is bad too. It's a glossy red....floor included. The red is actually sorta translucent also. The engine bay has no detail...the engine is actually one of those types that's molded from the bottom and then from the top...the tops and bottoms of the engine do not connect. (I actually bought the Nomad, and was so disgusted, I took it back - I knew it was bad from the box, but figured I could clean it up - that would be a massive project). The rear split openings do open, but you've got these nasty clear plastic hinges that you can easily see with the tailgate open or closed. It's attached to the red/white roof inside by a black rectangle. The exterior door handles are molded in and painted - I've had maisto's that had seperate door handles. No spark plug wiring, which alot of Maisto's have. And then the exterior of the white plastic roof...how could they let that slip by? First, the color is seriously wrong, and then, there are so so many gaps between the plastic and the metal. The side quarter windows on the side doors do not line up to the A pillar, the rear lower tailgate doesn't lower flat. I could go on and on...the chrome trim, which it does have, isn't flashed, it's got sprues along it, and doesn't line up when going across the doors. The wipers are molded into the window frame. The rear lights (clear red plastic in chrome housings) does not fit into the metal body properly. These issues were on each Nomad I've seen, and I've probably seen 10 models of this Maisto in person. Terrible execution and quality control as well as design. WHAT HAPPENED MAISTO?

The Starliner's paint is too thick, so much so that you can't make out the body lines like you should. The quarter windows on the doors are horrible, as is the interior roof. I am shocked with these. When I look at the Maisto Z4, Z8, even the 65 Vette...they were much much better models. I think that I know detail pretty well on models...I just don't understand what happend to these Maisto's...any thoughts? Yes, their budget, but their new stuff is worse than their old stuff...
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Well that's a shocker! From the (very) few pics that I've seen of the Stud it looked to be very nice. :confused
that really sucks

Maisto did a grwat job on the Carrera GT and the SLR was said to be quiite good apart form the lack of colour

I was going to get the Nomad, but now I cahnged my mind , bad miasto :ranting
Are these molds that maisto acquired from some one else?
thats a shame mate. if u get the bmw 325i from maisto do not open the boot/trunk it has no detail at all a peace of dirt has more detail then the boot of the 325i. the pt crusier (my custom) inside it has no liner on the roof its just bare metal so i will have to get some carpet and make some liner for the roof. maisto's are not bad but some are shockers i still not worry about brands cause some cheaper brands work out to be a bit better then some of the expensive brands.
That's bad to hear. I was looking forward to the Studebaker.
I'd say no. I'm not aware of another Nomad in 1:18 except for Yat Ming, and theirs is a 57. Maisto's is a 55. I don't think the Starliner has ever been made in 1:18. It's really a disapointment, as Maisto has made some really good models.

It's almost like, at for the Nomad, that it's "half done". I remember months ago posts about Maisto pushing back some models, including the Nomad, to get some other models out. Maybe they decided to push it out half baked...

The lines of both models, body wise, seem good...it's just that there's so much stuff that's bad. As an example...if a 1:18 guy wanted to get in the Nomads back seat, he'd have to climb over the bench seat, risk muddying up the white vynil insert, rip his head open on exposed rivets in the ceiling or denting that plastic roof, and hope for the best, as the seat is hard as a rock and doesn't tilt forward.

It's one thing to have an unfinished interior roof, and it's quite another when that unfinished interior roof is two colors, as it is on both the Nomad and Starliner...
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I have not picked either of them as I will wait until Sam's has them so I have not seen how they are. I WILL pick up a couple of eaach as I think they will add to my collection, and probably will not be done by a higher-end company in the near future.
But isn't this a bit harsh on a $9.95 car? I have looked at most of my Maisto boxes and none claim to be an "Adult Collectable".
They do state that they are not intended for children 3 or younger and are mostly sold in the toy section of "big box" stores. Knowing that, I know what to expect when I picked the up.
Well...first, I want them too, for more than a year. But, the 9.99 models that they released a year ago by Maisto are 10 times better than these, which the cheapest I've seen is 19.99 at BJ's, but could probably be found around the lower price. When I look at the many Maisto's I've had in the past, and compare them to their latest release, then, in my opinion, I'm not being harsh...it's based on what they have done, have the capability to do because they have done it, yet...they didn't...that's what's so sad...

Take the Maisto 65 Corvette, the Carrera GT, the Z4, the Z8, S2000, the GTO...etc, compare the detail and quality of those Maisto's which have been around for quite some time, and compare to their latest...the Nomad at least is their "Premier" edition, and you'll see. I'm just sad because they made great budget models with in my opinion, great details...all for a great price. They just took some serious shortcuts on these, that have been anxiously awaited by so many because of the cars they are, and, well...
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I haven't seen either one of those two models mentioned here yet but if the dimensions are close to accurate and the cars don't look like Muscle Machines, some detailing would probably do the trick of improving their appearance enough to include in my collection.
Maisto are more toys but they could do better, it's siple to paint a car to liven it up but it would be harder to make a roof liner, it's like these came out 90 percent complete :ranting
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