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Maisto Gallardo Spyder: New low in QC

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It's a rare diecast that has no issues whatsoever. I am pretty tolerant, and I don't scruple to glue broken mirrors, or even a rear axle. But this is something else.

I just opened a new Gallardo Spyder from Sam's Club, and found...


(Pardon the hairy knee in the picture.)

(Yes, that's me and the Mrs. in the background.)

I'm returning this thing to Sam's Club this evening. I hope they have another one.

And no, the wheel is not in the box, or I'd pop it back on.
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And there was no sign of the box having been tampered with?
That's no good Matt. I see though that the Lamborghini rainbow is a priority now. Gallardo Roadster is a little bit soft for a supercar though?
Justin, the box was looking mint. The car was still in its straps -- as you can see from the photos.

All's well that ends well. Sam's took it back and gave me a new one. And I picked up a Maisto Ford F-150 truck for my 4-year-old. Let him bang it around if he wants to.
That's a beautiful colour. Sorry about the missing wheel!
Celeste Phoebe is a great colour, suits the Gallardo Spyder very well, all it needs is an orange interior (and a wheel).

Shave that chit mang!!! LOL!
oh that sucks. maisto's boxes can easily be opened.

from my experience, its usually kids who rip out the wheel or steal the wheel.
I'd be surprised if it was stolen. When I got a new one with 4 wheels, and tried to remove them to paint the brakes, I had so much trouble I decided not to do it. I'm pretty sure the 3-wheeled car was shipped that way.
It's the Superleggera version. They realised that wheels are too heavy.
Good to hear that Sam's Club gave you a new model. This is strange because I've been buying Maisto models for a long time now and never had a missing parts.
Odd you would end up with one like this. At my Sam's in Michigan USA's Thumb knuckle area, I went through those Maisto clunky display boxes and had to look at at least three of them just like this before I found one that had all four wheels 'n tires ...
Sorry for the frustration, Matt. But, I'm glad everything worked out in the end. Strange though... it must have slipped past QC somehow.
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that would blow, and cool i got that same one from sams club as well.
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