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Just got mine in today. Only bought it because my idol Gordon Murray did work on it and that it was relatively low priced. about $19 on eBay, but I later found out he was charging a bundle on shipping and the total came out to be about $30. :ranting

The exterior is pretty good. You will find that this model is very similar to the Maisto McLaren F1 quality wise, meaning that the proportions are a bit off but the paint is excellent, mine is black which I would highly recommend over silver.

The Interior is also finished well, the gauges and SLR logo seem to be well rendered, although the color of the interior is a bit bland, as most everything is gray - again, similar to the McLaren F1 model. Another similar thing is the hinges, there are huge rings from the upward swinging doors hanging down in the interior and the doors really don't open very far, they almost look as if they are gullwing doors like on a delorean instead of butterfly doors. This is getting creepy... :scared

Wheels and brakes have their ups and downs. The tires are excellent, you can read all the tiny letters on the Michelin Pilot Sports that the SLR wears. The rims are also excellent detail as you can read the tiny little "mercedes benz" text on them. Then theres the brakes...for some reason you can see the calipers but not the rotors. Why? For some reason the brakes are black :confused , and with a black car, you are not likely to notice the brakes. The calipers are also nameless. Hmmm...the SLR has bad brake detail, and the F1 has no brake detail.

Engine is done nicely, you can read all the words clearly as well as see every little detail. My only complaints are that the hood doesn't open very far, probably because it opens the opposite way similar to a DB7, and because you can't close the hood while the doors are up.

Others...umm...well it was very hard to get out of the box. That good a good 6 or 7 minutes because it's a Premiere edition and Maisto has those goofy plastic stacker things that really don't allow you to remove the car. The trunk opens but not very far. Also the suspension is good in the front and especially in the back. I would have to say the rear suspension is the best of my whole collection. :nicejob

"Maisto is the EXCLUSIVE manufacturer for Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren in scale of 1:18" reads a sticker on the box. That does it for your desireability, it seems Maisto has a big contract with Mercedes as they are also the exclusive maker of the SLK in 1:18.

Overall it is a pretty good model. I was astounded by the similarities with the maisto McLaren. Door hinges, door range of motion, interior, proportion, suspension...I would recommend this model in black and off eBay where the prices are cheap, as I probably wouldn't have payed a cent more than $30. Woah I have talked a lot! :talk :talk :talk :gettogether :giggle

review added to the DX Model Review Database on 10-APR-2004

Thanks for that excellent review McLarenF1 !! I am eager to get this model too and I am pretty confident I'll like it too.
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