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Maisto Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM 2002

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Here's the next review, guys and it's for the Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM

The paint is rather well applied on the model although there are a few rough edges. All of the sponsor logos are applied by tampo-painting. However the application can be improved as the paint for the logos overlaps in places.

The model is to scale and its proportions are correct. It is sturdy and weighs approximately 630 grams. The fit between the engine cover, the doors and the main body work is quite good but the panel gaps could be finer. The headlights are reasonably well simulated although they still have mounting posts but they are not as obvious as those on the 2001 CLK-DTM. The taillights could be improved as they are just clear red plastic but they should have the colourless section to simulate the indicators and the mounting posts on them are clearly visible. The central tail light is simulated by a line of red paint.
The grille at the front of the model is perforated although the air dam is not but the perforation is simulated by fine moulding. The front towing ring is present too but it looks more like the red plastic that it is rather than painted metal. The vents above and behind the front wheels are genuine perforations as are those on the rear wheels. The side mirrors are made from plastic and look it so they look out of place on the model. The rear wing has the carbon-fibre effect simulated by fine grooves made by the mould and there are three separate elements, rather than two separate elements with one of those simulating two elements in its own right. One problem with the rear is that the rear towing ring is simulated only by moulding in the metal with blob of paint rather than a plastic ring. The doors have handles which are simulated reasonably well and note was taken that only the left-hand door handle has the keyhole.


At best the 2001 CLK-DTM's interior was a mess but this one is much improved. The rollcage is more realistic and the "dashboard" is better rendered. The carbon fibre-effect is simulated by fine grooves in the plastic and the controls are simulated better. Still with that said a few faults still remain - the seatbelts are moulded in to the seats and the steering wheel is too large and sits too low.

The wheels are very well simulated and even have the inflation pins. The wheel nuts have some detail too. Even though the tyres on the 2001 CLK-DTM model were branded, the tyres on the 2002 version have no branding at all. At least the radial effect of the slick tyre is simulated. The brakes are surprisingly well detailed for a Maisto. The hubs connecting the wheel to the brakes are well rendered and the brake discs are grooved and the calipers are correctly shaped and branded (AP Racing). The only downside is that the brake discs are fixed to the calipers so they do not rotate with the wheels.


The engine cover comes off with some difficulty to reveal the engine and front suspension. The engine is better simulated than that of the 2001 version and some detail of the exhausts can be seen. The rollcage continues in to the engine bay and the brake cooling ducts and radiators are quite well rendered. Although the suspension is non-functional the simulation is quite realistic.
Understandably there is little undercarriage detail as this is a model of a racing car but the rear diffuser is simulated correctly. However the side-exit tail pipes shouldn't look like chrome but more like nickel.

No other manufacturer makes this model so Maisto have complete exclusivity.

Most toy stores and supermarkets are likely to stock this model as well as model specialists so this model is hardly rare. Its quality is much improved over the previous versions too.

Maisto's 2002 CLK-DTM is a big improvement over the 2001 version. As you'd expect from Maisto the model still has a few flaws but it shows that Maisto's quality is improving steadily.

Total Score - 34/50

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Great review :jk: :jk:
:iagr: Super review CS_GT (as always) :sm: I really like those DTMs and the 2000 versions also.
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