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Here's the next review, guys. This one's for the Porsche Carrera GT Concept by Maisto.

The Carrera GT Concept is available in three colours: Black, Grey or Silver with the latter being available exclusively from Porsche Dealers. The paint application is very good for a Maisto. However there are still unpainted areas but the unpainted areas are much smaller than on other Maisto models.


The panel gaps are rather tight and the fit is very good. The model is to scale and proportionate also and is fairly heavy at 690 grams. A few of the panels are made from plastic but it is difficult to tell them from the metal parts just by looking. The headlights and taillights are very well simulated although the indicators and side repeaters are painted on. The air dam isn't perforated but the mesh is simulated reasonably well. The fuel filler cap is nicely rendered too. The speed-deployable rear spoiler can be raised as well (as seen on Maisto's 1/18 Ford GT90).


The interior detailing is surprisingly good. There are plenty of fine mouldings used in making the interior, especially on the dashboard. Fine painting is used as well on the controls. The seats are well simulated as well and they have separate seatbelts with clips. The pedals are well detailed too. There is no carpet detail but the floor still looks good nonetheless. The "Carrera GT" emblem is correctly placed in the sills of the door but they are applied by stickers.


These are amongst the best wheels/brakes that you are likely to see on any Maisto. The tyres are branded and the tread is realistic. The wheels are well simulated too and the Porsche shield logo is painted on the single wheel nut of each wheel. The brake discs are nicely done too as they are the correct colour, have grooves and real holes to simulate the drilling. The brake calipers are well detailed and even have Porsche finely painted on to them. The only thing that prevents them from getting a perfect score here is that the brake discs and calipers are fixed together so the discs do not rotate with the wheels.


The engine cover lifts and can be held by the prop rod to show the engine. Although a sizeable amount of the engine is hidden by the monocoque chassis, what is shown is nicely detailed. The air intakes are easy to see and some wiring is included. The rear suspension is very well simulated along with the gearbox. Even the toolkit is included, although it isn't functional. Attention was paid to the underside of the engine cover as well in simulating the heat-reflective surface. There is little undercarriage detail - the rear diffuser is the only feature of it - but this is correct as the Carrera GT is a serious performance car so it has a flat underbody to aid its aerodynamics.

There is also a remote control version of it but it is made by Maisto as well and as no other manufacturer makes the Carrera GT Concept in 1/18, Maisto has no competition.

The quality is good for a budget model and it has competition but it is hardly rare - these can be found and major supermarkets.

Maisto made an excellent effort of making the Carrera GT Concept in 1/18 scale. It has few faults compared to most other Maisto models. It certainly won't embarrass any supercar model by Kyosho or AUTOart but it holds its own against them rather well.

Total Score - 37/50

Thanks to Chris Miller for the use of his pictures

Review added to the DX Model Review Database on 24-SEPT-2005

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I originally had the gray version of this car and was extremely disappointed in this car. I started listening to you guys talk about the balck version and decided to pick it up again. What a world of difference a color makes.

I would most certainly agree with the score of this model based on the black version. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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